Please Stop

I’m not complaining just voicing how it’s hard to be a Christian that’s a black woman. With all the police brutality that’s been going on against young black men there has been a lot of hostility. When I voice how I feel I get attacked and I’m okay with that.  I get called names and made to feel as if I am betraying my race. I’m a Christian first I speak love and peace. I spread positive messages because let’s face it anything that negative like riots and violence gets us no way. The point that I am making is bring up past events is meaningless if they are not accompanied with positive resolutions. Everyone is shouting and no one is listening. White people along with other races have been victims of police brutality as well. One case of police brutality is too much it has to stop.


Praying for all seven continents and every nationality. The violence needs to end. If we all pull together to we can make a difference it can happen in a major way. I know that we can do it.

Rest Father

Father I want to make amends

Not sure if you are in hell or Heaven

If you can hear me

I need for you to listen

Please lend me your ear

I want to make it clear

That you no longer have to fear

Your angry little girl

Has become a grown woman now

In more ways than one

I have forgiven you for

Everything that you have done

I have learned to move on

To not allow grudges

To destroy me

I may not know all of your story

Still I give God the glory

For helping me it has healed me

I see things a lot more clearly

Forgiveness is everything

Now that I am a mother

And I have children of my own

New thoughts have been born

Even though you wasn’t around

I have found

That’s it’s best to turn

My frown upside down

Everything happens for a reason

Regardless God made you my father

You help to make me

Because of you I have my two babies

Blessed to see possibilities

I’ve done what it takes

For my soul’s sake

To realize that human beings

Make mistakes

And it may sound weird

But not having you around

Wasn’t such a bad thing

Every event that took place

In my life has help to mold me

Into the person that I am today

Yes you too are apart of that

I am sorry that I didn’t

Say these things at your hospital bed

I guess I wasn’t ready

I guess it wasn’t time

This is what I want and need

You to know

I will now allow your soul to rest

Father you sleep now

I forgive you

I just had to let my feelings out

Happy Father’s Day

Rest In Peace


Pep Talk 103

Ahhhhh! Yes it’s Sunday. What comes to mind? Relax you can chill take the time to enjoy what you have been doing. Reflect on the week it’s like looking at a beautiful ocean. Most importantly enjoy our family and dear friends call them up or just text them it doesn’t have to be a special occasion just do it. Everyone likes to know that they are thought about and it feels good to makes someone’s day.

I Accept Who I Am Proudly

One thing that I don’t do

And that’s reminisce

About memories from my past

Unless they are ones

That are filled will bliss

Or they in some way

Contribute positively to my present or future

Life is way too short to be miserable

When I look in the mirror

I look beneath the surface way deep

And I am proud of what I see

A woman who has not allowed her past

To be a crutch or to define her

Holds her head up high with pleasure

Busy looking towards the future

As a matter of fact she runs to it

To catch it

Everyone has parts of their lives

Where they wish they could change

Forget or revive

Mine is no different

My life has not been perfect

I had an abusive husband and father

A wonderful mother who died young from cancer

Three beautiful sisters but we still argue

Two sons with a man that God didn’t not send

Unfortunately I made him my husband

One of my sons has autism

Goals and dreams that I have yet to finish

My face still has an occasional blemish

A marriage that has been demolished

But I refuse to wallow in sorrow

The past can not rob me of a great tomorrow

It will just go bankrupt

Cause my past won’t get a loan

No matter how hard it tries to borrow

My past has served it purposes

And I have come to terms of

What was meant happened

What wasn’t meant didn’t happened

Wishing and hoping won’t change it

Regardless I will not stress

I still feel that I am blessed

Through all the mess

Being negative there’s absolutely  no sense in it

I have accepted my life 100%

And I am proud of it