Don’t Be A Fool Being A Bully Isn’t Cool

Today I read a very disturbing post an eleven year old girl committed suicide. The little girl was a victim of bullying. Even more heartbreaking about the story was who found her body it was her three year old sister. The little girl who committed suicide saw no way out except for taking her life. Bullies are a huge situation that should not be ignored. Children aren’t the only bullies adults can be too which is actually sadder. There are different types of bullying it’s important that we know what they are so we can spot them.


Bullying affect people in negative ways it can push people to the point of no return. Children deserve to experience a happy life that’s bully free. I feel sorry for the bullies too hurt people hurt others. Many times bullies feel insecurities inside so they pick on other people. Bullies most times are bigger than their peers physically and have trouble at home.

Society really has things stacked up against parents with the internet, promotion of violence and disrespect of others it’s a lot for parents to monitor. I’m old schooled so the main thing I would tell another parents is to keep a open line of communication with your children. Pay attention to your children so you can notice if they are withdrawn, angry or sad remember children are very scared when it comes to a bullying situation. Parents should talk with their children’s teacher if they sense a problem. Teachers must report any problems to the principal or the dean most importantly inform the parents about everything.

I also touched on adults sometimes being bullies too because it’s the truth many of them use social media to publicly humiliate others. When it comes to adult bullies others should not back what they are doing causing them to stop. Bullies feed of the power off of having an audience and fear. Let’s make this clear one is a fool if they think being a bully is cool. If you are a bully who is an adult you are a even bigger fool… so grow up.


Let’s pray for people who are being bullied and ask God to protect them from harm. Be a bully nor quietly observing mistreatment of another person is not cool. What if it was you? What would  you do? What would you want to see happen?

Fathers Enjoy Your Day

Billy Graham once said that “A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” I realize that there are some people who have experiences that has caused them to be bitter on or about Father’s Day. I used to be one of those people still we must turn bitterness over to our father in heaven.

Listen when we allow bitterness to affect us and act out on it we can not blame someone else behind actions that we chose to do. It makes us no better than the person who hurt us. We can endure but we must surrender by turning our mess into a message it can only be done it we put everything into God’s wonderful Hands.

Some of the single mothers have to learn to stop trying to make everything about them. Get rid of the selfishness and ask God to help with selflessness. With that being said Happy Father’s Day to all of the awesome fathers. Enjoy your day! Blessings!



Mother’s Day 2016

What I am going to say may sound weird still you know that I am going to write it anyway. When I think of Mother’s Day Father’s Day comes to mind I know right. I think of all the single mothers who wants to claim both days. To me that’s just being selfish I know some single parent fathers who are excellent truly. I was raised by a single parent for awhile until my step-dad came along. My mom and father separated when I was five it was an ugly separation. Growing up I remember how tough it was for my mother being a single parent. I wanted no part parent of being a single parent sadly that wasn’t the hand that I was dealt. 

Back on topic I see a lot of mothers who celebrate both mother’s and father’s day. Sometimes it bothers me how selfish and self-centered people are becoming these days somehow making things about them. My mother was never that way and neither am I. I too am a single parent is it rough sure it is still I’m not going to make father’s day my day. There are great fathers in the world and some are single parents for various reasons. The fathers are a single parent isn’t trying to celebrate mother’s day.Father’s Day needs to remain for dads and Mother’s Day for moms everything isn’t equal opportunity let’s grow up. We picked the mothers and fathers of our children therefore we share a role in having a bad parent. Unfortunately we sometimes find out how people are until it’s too late still we must allow this to make us better not bitter. I repeat Mother’s Day is for moms and Father’s Day is for dads it’s not Single Parent’s day. Just in cases you missed Single Parent day it’s on March 21st. Being a parent is about selflessness not selfishness Yeah I said it. Let’s recognize things when it’s time. Quit trying to hog the spotlight. It’s okay to be apart of the audience applauding for those who deserve it.


My Youngest Is One Of My Heroes

With the last day of April upon us it stirred feelings up within me. April is the month of Autism Awareness and my youngest has autism. Next Saturday he will be thirteen years old officially a teenager. My youngest has come a long ways from not being able to talk very well until he was five or six. He was seven when he was completely potty trained. There is a lot to caring for a child that has a disability it requires a whole lot of patience.

It was hard at first accepting that my son was different I didn’t want to face it at all. No one wants to accept that something is wrong with what they created. My sons grandmother pointed it out put I refused to pay attention to what she said. She wasn’t mean about it she never was a mean person. She was trying to raise my awareness. Finally I took my son to the doctor and sure enough it was found that he was autistic. I was devastated in the beginning let’s face it the black community aren’t the biggest supporters of mental health. Growing up people believed that kids needs to be beat but some required more like medicine. Mental health awareness have come all a way from the 1300 when it was believe that a person was possessed so holes were drilled into a person’s skull as a way to let out supposedly evil spirits.

My youngest is one of my heroes he’s so sweet, giving and very caring. He and I share a very strong bond. I’m so proud of him. He’s growing everyday. We enjoy the same music and movies. His two favorite movies are Three O’clock High and Never Been Kissed. Yes he loves Never Been Kissed because he says that he enjoys happy endings. I have come a long way too. Many things have helped to  change me into the person that I am today and my son is one of them. I love him so much and I am so very thankful that God gave him to me. Looking forward to what the future has for my son and know that there will be many blessings to come.


Eeny,meeny,miny, moe

When choosing a mother or father

For your children

The Negan route isn’t

The way to go

Trust me I know

Allow that theory

To blow out the window

Of a car that’s speeding at 180

Even though there are

Books on parenting

There are also some on driving

Yet people still get tickets

For speeding

Some things we can not help

And some we can

Sadly  there’s no way

To be a perfect parent

There are still things

That we can control if we can help it

Like who will have

The blessing of being

A parent to our children

Don’t be in a rush

Because the children

Are the one who gets hurt

When things don’t work

Children deserve both parents

In their lives full-time not partly

Parenting is something

That’s a lifetime commitment

If you think it ends

Once they become 18 forget it

As a parent that loves and cares

For your children

Worry is something

That we always do

We always see them as

The baby that was

Born at the hospital

Being I a parent

Is a blessing truly

Still the number one rule

Of parenting is the choice

Of who will be our children’s

Mother or father before

They are even born

We have to be responsible