Racist Boyfriend?

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. On Facebook, I’m in a couple of swirl groups. I swear the people who allow people into the groups should make sure that they are screened more thoroughly. I think that some are black men hiding behind a fake profile picture.

There was a question asked in the group. The question was, can a white man date a black woman and be racist? Here we go going through the same thing. Here we go again!

It’s always someone who is trying to scare black women from being open-minded about who she wants to date. The question opened up a sea of emotions. This person caused hysteria with this one question it opened up all kinds of what ifs. Some of the women started to speak of some white men possibly having fetishes but that doesn’t bother me here’s why:
A form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.
“Victorian men developed fetishes focusing on feet, shoes, and boots.”

Most black men love black women’s butts!!!! Trust me on this; I’m just saying.

The question made some of the white men in the group feel uncomfortable, and I didn’t blame them. It had some people questioning white men’s motives for dating black women — just a bunch of foolishness. We should be allowed to date who we choose without people trying to destroy it, and it was a black woman doing it.

Some black men have wasted years that should have been spent on developing a career or getting a degree and instead have accumulated baggage like children with different women, out of wedlock, of course. The 77% out of wedlock birth rate proves this. Let’s not get me started on the IBM they aren’t marrying anyone, but they are open to multiple women trying out for a position that they aren’t thinking about. The fact is there is a shortage of quality black men, and the solution is to date out.

We can’t live in fear of what could happen. Are there racist white men that a black woman could come across? Sure. Just like a black woman could come across a black man who’s abusive, disrespectful, and a cheater. The chances of a racist white guy dating a black woman are slim to none. That’s facts.

Look every time we take a chance at love there is a possibility that a bad thing could happen and good things can happen too. Still, good things can’t happen if we aren’t open to the opportunity! The right man for us may not look like what we expect. Expectations and assumptions only help us to miss out because they are always wrong. I refuse to live in fear. If there is a black woman, who fears dating white men because of the chance that they may be racist, there is an excellent solution for that don’t swirl. It’s just that simple.

Online Dating and Christians

The Bible says Proverbs 18:22

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.

Online dating is another way to be able to cast your net far an wide to reach your ideal mate. Still we didn’t have the internet years ago and many people still found their true love. Which clearly shows that God is in control it’s best to consult Him always. Back to the scripture should a woman try online dating that would be considered looking right? Still on the other hand how can a woman be found if she’s not getting out to be found? Ruth traveled and found Boaz although finding love wasn’t her reason for moving everything just fail into place when she did.This subject has many questions to explore and everyone should know by now that I am ready to find the answer. And I’m definitely open for a debate not on the Word of God that’s not what I do. I do believe in trusting God and He will guide us to do what’s best.

Starting Over

As I have shared I’m starting over in love. I have never dated a guy like go out on several dates. My belief as a Christian woman when a man finds a woman he finds a good thing. That’s what the Bible says and it has not lead me wrong. The internet makes it easy to socialize with others and it also makes it easy for people to get preyed upon. You have to be very careful. There was just a story pertaining to a mother of three being killed by a man that she met online. So sad three children without a mother my heart goes out to them.

First let’s get this understood crazy people are online but you are safe. Crazy people comes in all races, sexes and sizes just wanted to make that clear.You’re not safe when you are offline in the company of a stranger. Not being negative let’s look at things on the bright side everyone in our lives besides family were once strangers. On the other hand you can think that you know a person all of their lives and find out that you really didn’t. In life you take chances but be safe about them. There are people who love us and need us. Let’s try to be here for them as long as we can.

Starting over can be scary especially when it comes to a stubborn person like myself. I absolutely hate change but I have gotten a lot better over the years. I’m open to what way God may send me my Boaz. Patience is a virtue I believe this truly. No crossed fingers just trusting the Lord. Check out these ideas when going out on a date: