Please Stop

I’m not complaining just voicing how it’s hard to be a Christian that’s a black woman. With all the police brutality that’s been going on against young black men there has been a lot of hostility. When I voice how I feel I get attacked and I’m okay with that.  I get called names and made to feel as if I am betraying my race. I’m a Christian first I speak love and peace. I spread positive messages because let’s face it anything that negative like riots and violence gets us no way. The point that I am making is bring up past events is meaningless if they are not accompanied with positive resolutions. Everyone is shouting and no one is listening. White people along with other races have been victims of police brutality as well. One case of police brutality is too much it has to stop.


Praying for all seven continents and every nationality. The violence needs to end. If we all pull together to we can make a difference it can happen in a major way. I know that we can do it.

I Remember

Regardless of what we think took place on 9-11-01 or why, here is one huge fact many innocent people died that day based on that fact alone we should Never Forget. 9-11-01 has changed our lives forever.

I vividly remember that day I was pregnant with my oldest son and I was watching TV. The show that I was watching had the twin towers in it’s background. I saw the first plane hit the one of the towers chaos just broke out of everywhere. Watching people jumping to their deaths it was gut-wrenching. What person with any ounce of humanity wouldn’t feel anything for the people who died and loss family? I’m pray for our country daily because it’s definitely needed. We need to get back to being one nation under God. Let Him Back Into Our Country. We Need God!