Don’t Be Afraid

Over the last couple of days, some black people have been in a rage about what Ciara said about leveling up!!! I have seen women getting into arguments on social media. Ciara has been under attack. Quickly some people reminded her of her past relationship. Newsflash!!! Ciara is not her past. This is the reason why people don’t like to share their testimonies, out of fear that people will attempt to drag them back to where they came from. There is truth in her words.

I keep seeing some black people saying “Okay, We get it” but they haven’t done anything to change a lot of situations. It’s hard to do anything when you are not receptive to it, and you are bashing the messenger. As the old saying goes, don’t shoot the messenger. If Ciara message offends a person, they need to find out why it does. She is not a problem.

Sometimes people can’t win if you advise with no experience; it’s: “What do you know about my situation?” How can you relate? If people know about your past instead of them being inspired, they pick you apart and attempt to shame you into silence. I don’t follow celebrities a lot; I am just speaking on the backlash that she received. She is a celebrity, so she has zero privacy; the public knows her past. However, some women aren’t famous, who have experienced what she has too. I look at Ciara’s life as an inspiration. She overcame and endured, most importantly she’s happy!!! Happiness is the ultimate goal in relationships and marriages.

We can’t allow our past to keep us bondage. We are not our past. Everyone has a history. Everyone has parts of their lives that they don’t want to read aloud. Some people will receive what is said and some won’t. Some people agreed with Ciara, so what she said was not in vain. Even looking at stories from the Bible, Noah tried to warn people they laughed and called him crazy. Jonah did not want to warn the people of Nineveh. Jonah ran probably out of fear of how the people would receive the message. If a message is placed on your heart don’t be afraid, deliver it someone may need to hear it. It could be the message that they need to give them hope.

God’s Rainbow Put Sum Respeck On It

Well it’s the month of June and many of us know what’s celebrated this month….. Gay pride. Look far be it for me to judge I just don’t like the way God’s rainbow is being represented. The rainbow is God’s promise to Noah so we have to put some respect on it. I get so tired of God being disrespected people should be afraid to do that. I know that I am not perfect but my lack of perfection is not a green light to not respect God’s work ┬ánobody should that’s right!! Yeah I said it! The world is becoming more and more scarier it seems like with each and every moment that passes by. I will not stop being passionate about my walk with Christ I pray that I don’t ever lose it. There is so much pressure but I refuse to cave God will have the final say. You just wait. He is Not Pleased regardless of what some people want to believe it doesn’t mean that they are right.

I don’t push my beliefs on no one therefore I want to be treated the same way. Respect my beliefs and I will respect yours, no I don’t accept it though. A lot of problems happen when people can’t just agree to disagree. No one has the right to shove anything down another person’s throat. I admit I get so amp when I think of the goodness of God I just want to shout about it from every rooftop. God is awesome. He has brought us all a mighty long ways so let’s respect Him to the highest in each and every way. Okay.