Why Wait?

Happy New Year!! Blessings to All!!

Yaaaaaaay!! It’s 2017 so now what? I know that some people somewhere have made New Year resolutions but why wait on a new year to make goals? Everyday that we are blessed to see is a blessing. We have to take the limits off of God so that we can have what He has for us. Many times the things that God sends our way we never see coming however we can be ready for when He does.

One thing that  I saw in the news that is making waves Serena’s engagement. Why is there so much hate? She has the right to be happy. The one thing that should be a requirement daily is the company that we keep. Everyone that we have on a team should celebrate us and God is number one. While  I am on the subject about love a man knows his intentions when he comes in contact with a woman. A man knows if he wants to marry a woman or not it doesn’t take him years to figure it out. I’m not judging however if a woman wants marriage and if he doesn’t pop the question in a year he probably won’t. Men don’t always communicate how they feel but they will show you. Actions  speak louder than words. When a person shows you something don’t be blind to it just because it’s something that  you don’t want to see. No matter how much it may hurt let it go because nothing hurts more than prolonged hurt. Let go of everything that hurts and Let God!!!

Life is short and it’s ours; we deserve the best don’t settle for less. Compromising should only happen once one is married not while you are searching for a lifetime partner it’s a huge decision. I pray that everyone receive the desires of their hearts, that they pay attention to what God is telling them and showing them as well as much much more! Remember with God on our team we don’t have any need to worry but we must be in tune with His voice it’s vital when it comes to life choices.  Make the choice to have God in your life daily not as a new year resolution, not just during bad times but allllll of the time.

Psalm 37:4  Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Starting Over

As I have shared I’m starting over in love. I have never dated a guy like go out on several dates. My belief as a Christian woman when a man finds a woman he finds a good thing. That’s what the Bible says and it has not lead me wrong. The internet makes it easy to socialize with others and it also makes it easy for people to get preyed upon. You have to be very careful. There was just a story pertaining to a mother of three being killed by a man that she met online. So sad three children without a mother my heart goes out to them.

First let’s get this understood crazy people are online but you are safe. Crazy people comes in all races, sexes and sizes just wanted to make that clear.You’re not safe when you are offline in the company of a stranger. Not being negative let’s look at things on the bright side everyone in our lives besides family were once strangers. On the other hand you can think that you know a person all of their lives and find out that you really didn’t. In life you take chances but be safe about them. There are people who love us and need us. Let’s try to be here for them as long as we can.

Starting over can be scary especially when it comes to a stubborn person like myself. I absolutely hate change but I have gotten a lot better over the years. I’m open to what way God may send me my Boaz. Patience is a virtue I believe this truly. No crossed fingers just trusting the Lord. Check out these ideas when going out on a date:

Brand New Relationship

I like to compare

A brand new relationship

To a brand new car

When a car is new

You wash and wax it

Very careful how you drive it

You don’t want to eat in it

Don’t want nobody parking near it

All because you don’t want

Anything to ruin the newness

As time goes by you

Become comfortable

To eat in it

And you don’t wash or wax it as much

Slack up doing the things

That you use to

Don’t take it in to check

To see if it needs repair

Unless you see or hear

A sign of trouble

Otherwise you only

Take it in once a year

For an inspection

Everything is wonderful

In the beginning when

The car was brand new

It was given lots of attention

Well a relationship/ marriage

Can be looked at the same way

Everything was great

In the beginning when

Things were new

That’s all good but what

Happens when scratches

Bumps and dents happen

Do you trade it in

To get a new one

No that’s not what you do

Have the mindset

That if you take care of it

It will take care of you

A Trade in

Could never become a classic

Have the 30 day tags

Turn into classic

I don’t know about you

But I want something that’s true

That holds value

Any relationship can make it

When it’s all brand new

What happens when trouble

Comes along

Do you stay or run along

Remember it’s not

About the easy stuff

It’s about the hard

So what will you do

Will you make the necessary

Repair to your relationship

When it needs it

Or treat it like an old car

And trade it in

I’m just sayin