Spell My Name

I love the name that my mother gave to me and how she spelled it. It may come off as small, trivial and insignificant I just can’t stand when someone misspells my name. I went through that all my life and it gets under my skin. Grrrrrrrr. People who know me truly knows how to spell my name properly. There are many ways to spell my name but they are all wrong except for one. To me misspelling someone’s name is the same as mispronouncing it. It’s just wrong! My name is not spelled Tomeka, Tamika, Temeka and definitely not Tameka. It’s spelled Tameeka. I thank those who cares in advance. The ones who don’t and ¬†gets it wrong I will just ignore them.Tameeka-t90c0124d95ff95f3b864448a4a2045432d2e81ff13ddb7e61d934b6e010f3defk-hq I’m just kidding ummmmm no I’m not. Well just a little.