The Child Support Hustle

Oh, do it. Oh, do it Do it. Do the hustle, do the hustle. Do the hustle, do the hustle. Do the hustle. Oh, do it. Oh, do it. Do it. Do the child support hustle. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t resist because it’s so funny to me how some men can come up with anything excuse as an attempt to dodge their responsibilities. Anyway I hear lots of guys call child support a woman’s hustle. Like dude you guys cannot be serious. Are you?
I’ve heard some guys say to women for them to “choose better” when they get involved with a guy. As if I guy is going to introduce himself like “Hello my name is loser. I’m going to sell you a bunch of dreams, impregnate you and be a dead beat father.” Oh if only things were that simple there would be less broken homes.
As I always say that I don’t put black men down but I am not making excuses for the ones who are not right either. We have to call a spade out when we see one. There are some men who get a woman pregnant to tie her down. There are some men who pay child support but don’t want to be a father to their children. There are some men who don’t want to pay child support nor be a father to their children either. What boggles me is that must people in the black community have come from broken homes. Why don’t people in the community want to break the chain of broken homes instead of adding more links? We’ve seen what’s it’s like to grow up in a broken home and we know as well as understand the pain.
I get so tired of guys calling child support a hustle. Like a woman didn’t make a child alone and yeah don’t forget dude it’s your responsibility regardless. I don’t receive child support for my two sons by the way and  I won’t touch that subject…for now anyway. Attacking black mothers isn’t going to change the fact that a man has to pay child support. Most times when a woman takes child support out on the father he was given many opportunities to do right but he didn’t.
No woman want to go through going to court to make a father do what is right. Think about it when a father gets behind on child support the child gets like really nothing. So who’s losing here? The child. If you ask me it’s some of these fathers running a hustle because they are skipping out on their responsibilities. Some of these fathers need to bust a move and take care of their children or just use protection. It’s just that simple.


As I always I share about how I absolutely love all music growing up I listened to everything including NWA one of its members brought out Michel’le. Growing up I was no different from other kids I’d get hooked on a song’s beats and did not pay attention to the lyrics. NWA was one of the hip hop groups who had a lack of respect for women big time. The saddest part is some of us black women continue to support negative music and get upset about the affects of it. I read a post that was quite disturbing it was basically making up excuses for artists who choose their lyrics blaming the environment. Here’s an idea try writing something more positive and uplifting hip hop was once that way a very long time ago.

Michel’le debut album was titled Michel’le the song no more lies was one of my favorites. It’s amazing how we feel that celebrities are so much different from us but they are not….they are human too with problems just like the rest of us sometimes more. She has a movie that’s coming out in October on Lifetime and yes I will be watching it. There are a lot of critics talking about this movie but it’s all good.It’s important to be able to tell our own story no one else knows it better but God.


Nothing grinds my gears more than a person’s love for money. Money this money that. See when a person is like that one can never have enough of it. Take the money away and what are you left with. The value of our American dollar is losing it’s value. I just pray for people who’s minds are clouded with dollar signs.

Most times when people love money so much they can not and do not have love for anything else. When a person is sick in a hospital bed money is the last thing that they are thinking about. Sooner or later everyone is going to die and we can’t take the money with us.

Money can not buy everything. Many times when people talk about money so much they actually are trying to compensate for something else that they are missing. I once heard a story about a guy who loved money so much nothing else mattered not his wife or his kids. One day he asked his wife if she felt loved by him and she told him no. He replied “Why not I have bought you so many things how could you not know how much that I love you?” Money can’t buy love. He had no clue at all.

People will throw money around as a way to try to impress others then they get upset when that’s all people want from them. For me I don’t have to be rich to be happy money doesn’t control me. I thirst for the love from God almighty He will give me all my children and I need. Greed doesn’t hold a place with me. The best things in life are free yet they are priceless. It’s something to think about.

1 Timothy 6:10

For the love of money is root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Money Money Money

Turn it off

Please turn it off

Turn the radio off

I am so sick of some

These rap artist of today

All they ever talk about

Are cars, women, drugs

And Money, Money, Money

Like is there anything else

That comes to mind

Something more creative perhaps

KRS One please school

These dudes I swear they have no clue

I know that it’s everyone’s dream

To have success but please

Give it rest

You don’t want to come off

Like you are obsessed

Money, Money, Money

No matter how much that you have

There’s still many things

That it can not buy

Like your way into Heaven

Or even Hell

However with the way that some of you

Are acting it’ll definitely get you in

Without paying a cent

You can fool yourself all you want

But there is an after this

Whether you want to believe it

I just hope and pray that

Some of you guys gets it

Money, Money, Money

Gives you wealth but

It can’t buy you good health

Nor true happiness

Even if you were to buy

Everything that you

Want and need

You will always feel empty

Like something is missing

Money, Money, Money

After you buy everything

It really means nothing

I know for me

I’m not money hungry

As long as my boys are happy

My bills are paid

Heck throw me my Boaz

And I’m content

That’s what makes me happy

To me that’s a blessing

No need for bragging

But appreciating

Which is something

That all the

Money, Money, Money

In the whole entire world

Can not buy