Family Estrangement

We all have heard the saying that you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family. Family estrangement is a situation that no family is a stranger to. The source of the reasons why family estrangement occurs could be numerous. Siblings rivalry due to their parents or just plain old jealousy. We see it every single day on social media and television shows. Maury says that when he starts his day at work he thinks to himself another day of dysfunction. So why does everyone act so shocked about Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex family?
Some people feel that the Maury show is fake but make no mistake situations on the show does happen in real life. The other day I was watching one of his paternity shows featuring a set of twins who hated each other. One twin told the other twin’s child father that the baby wasn’t his. Now get this the twin who was giving the child’s father this information was sleeping with him. A lie detector test was given to the child’s father and lots of things came out including him possibly impregnating the twin who was causing all of this trouble. After everything was said and done it was proven that the child did belong to the father. Once these people got backstage the twin promised the twin who caused all the trouble that she was going to sleep with every man that she got with. How crazy is that? Dysfunction down to the very core.

Family estrangement seeps through on social media with people posting about their family members for everyone to see. It’s rare that the people who read the posts attempts to defuse the situation whether it’s because they find it entertaining or that they have become desensitized to a family destroying one another.

I get so tired of the media giving Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex estranged family so much attention. The dad is just riding on her coat tail if he really loves her then set her free. Lets not get started on her half-sister it’s obvious that she’s jealous. She attempted to stop the royal wedding if that isn’t jealousy then I don’t know what it is. Remember messengers have motives and the motives are never good. I pray that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex marriage will withstand this and her estranged family will just go away.

Some relationships with people are like bent cans they are just too damaged to save. The more that we attempt to save a relationship with a family member who hurts us it only gives them an opportunity to do it again. It’s like trying to hold hands with Freddy Krueger it can’t happen because it would hurt too much. Sometimes we have to pray for people and love them from an Pacific ocean’s distance.

That Special One

Ben Okri once said,” The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.”

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, that everything good or bad molds us into our unique selves. Love is one of the most beautiful things that we all want at one point in our lives. There are some people who lie and front about love, those kinds of people are fools.

One of my guy friends said something that was absolutely profound. I have to be totally honest I learned a heck of a lot from him. Anywho he said,” that every man wants that one special woman”. This friend also told me, “that a man knows when he first meets a woman what his intentions are”. We have seen memes that have said that it doesn’t matter what you do for a man you can be the best cook, great career, beautiful face, body but the heart wants what the heart wants. A woman cannot keep a man that does not want to be kept. So many times we get on people about their lack of commitment but being in a loveless relationship is dangerous. Being honest and upfront with a love interest is always best. Let a person know what you want and if they don’t want the same set them free. If you don’t see a person in your future, set them free. It’s unfair to rob a person of their time because life is so short.

Prince Harry has had his share of girlfriends whom he dated from two years up to seven. He said that when he saw Meghan he knew that she was the one. Meghan is American, divorced, three years older than Prince Harry and the special one for him. Everything that has ever occurred in Meghan’s life molded into her unique self and made her fit for a prince. In less than two years Meghan is Harry’s wife, it doesn’t take years for a man to marry a woman.

There has been so much speculation about the reasons why Prince Harry called his ex just days before his wedding. It was their final call, a parting call in which they both acknowledged Harry was moving on. In my opinion, I think that what he did was smart. There is nothing worse than a scorned ex that brings up ancient history fixed the way they recollect aka selective memories. Like Bedrock twist, twist!!!

Breakups are always hard but it’s best to iron out anything kinds of misunderstandings in order to find a common understanding which is that Prince Harry has moved on.

I have always talked about the relationship of Rick and Michonne, yes it’s tv but I want a love like that! Look beyond Rick and Michonne’s skin color because real love runs deep. Michonne knows the right time to give a suggestion and to get Rick to look at things differently. Michonne also stands behinds Rick’s decision even if she doesn’t always agree with it. The most important thing about Rick and Michonne is that they have one another’s backs. They both have encountered tragedies and in the end, found something beautiful which is their love.
True love is like something off of tv. Yeah, I said. With the way that modern day society is set up being faithful is like make-believe or a fairy tale. As we all know that true love isn’t a fairy tale just look at His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex. True love is worth fighting for. Everyone deserves their special someone.

Prince Harry and Meghan

In the month of September I wrote about national redhead day and I made a video as well. In the video that I made Prince Harry was featured. He seems to be a charismatic, intelligent, and very handsome man.

Prince Harry recently became engaged to Meghan Markle she’s the gorgeous actress from the television show Suits. I am so excited for this amazing couple and it’s not for the reasons you may think. There is a lot of pressure on Meghan and I don’t think people realize what she’s giving up to be with the man whom she loves.

In the year of 2017 when certain things should be at a minimum they are actually not. The seemed to be silent hidden voice of racism is now speaking loudly since the couples engagement. The issue of racism shows just how far behind the times some people are. Meghan is biracial and that is how she identifies herself rightfully so. Why does her race have to be added to the equation? There is enough pressure already, she knows what she’s made of. Everyone who reads my blog knows that I support interracial couples and love. I believe that love has no color and that people should be free to love whomever they please. I’m reading and seeing how some black people are calling this a big win and some white people are calling it a mistake but what no one is realizing is that this is one of the most biggest decision of these two people’s lives.

I feel that Meghan should be able to get married to Prince Harry without being reminded what race that she’s made of, her being married before or where she grew up. It’s not how you start it’s how you finish. I just wish these two incredibly awesome people well and everyone else should too.