Black Queen

The internet has been buzzing about the surprise nuptials of Mr. Tyrese Gibson but not exactly for the reasons most would think. Recently Tyrese shared his wedding pictures on Instagram with the hashtag my black queen. He’s been getting slammed because his wife looks white. To be honest I have mixed feelings about this situation. I for one am happy for Tyrese from what  I researched his new wife is really religious. Tyrese new wife has influenced his views on God it was shown through posts. In my opinion anyone who can influence your outlook about God and causes you to walk closer with Him is a blessing. I don’t care what color that they are because in my eyes love has no color.

The person that I am is one who is curious about what makes people do what they do. Tyrese fan base is made up of mostly black women so  I am thinking that he doesn’t want to lose fans that why he kept the marriage quiet. Another thing that I have noticed about Tyrese is that most of the women that he has dated have been very light skinned. I have written about the colorism that goes on in the black community. Even though we grow up and become an adult there are still some things that have occurred in our childhood that we carry with us. Some of the comments that  I read on Tyrese Instagram prior to him taking his wedding photos were terrible like attacking his skin tone. I wonder did he get attacked behind his skin tone a lot as a child and as an adult. It doesn’t matter about him being a celebrity he’s still a human being with feelings.

I’ll never meet Tyrese but I am glad that he is happy. He looked very happy in his wedding photos and that’s great. I pray that his wife makes him happy for many more years to come. I do feel that there are some deep seeded problems within the black community I have said this many times before. Tyrese calls his wife who looks white a black queen yet Jesse Williams is thought of as not being black enough. It just doesn’t make sense to me nevertheless blessings to Tyrese and his wife.

One last thing I would like to add pertaining to a comment left on Tyrese photo the writer wrote “Men dark as Tyrese are the ones with the biggest self-hatred” if that is the case let’s not add to his case by attacking the man. I pray that God sends me a true Man of God that helps to strengthen my walk with Christ. Tyrese obviously has reached the understanding with his wife’s help that having a strong relationship with God is more important than anything.

Mark 10:8

And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.

The Ozzy and Sharon Split

I know what you are thinking “What?!? Tameeka is writing about Ozzy? Yes I am. Everyone knows that I love music and yes I enjoy some of Ozzy Osbourne’s music. This couple are in their sixties and are splitting up Ozzy is 67 and Sharon is 63. They are at social security ages. Things are so messed now a days. 

In a marriage there is no I in the word team. A husband and I wife are a team. My question is what made Ozzy do this? What made him cheat? I know that Sharon is busy did he feel neglected? I am not making excuses for Ozzy and it’s not okay to cheat still I would love to hear what he has to say.

I know that’s it’s hard being famous I never will be famous nor do I want to be. Celebrities can have the fame it’s not worth the headache. More than likely the woman that he was with did it because he is famous. One thing a man most keep in mind whether they are rich, famous, handsome, successful, poor etc if you are involved with a woman and you guys are happy a woman who tries to pursue you is no good. That woman wants what you have and want your woman’s happiness. Mature strong minded people understand that not everyone have the same chemistry together everyone is not meant to be your wife or husband. Everyone aren’t dynamite.If you have a good thing don’t mess it up it is just not worth it.

So the question is should Sharon stay or go? I guess it’s all about what she is willing to take. Cheating is one of the main reasons why marriages end. I just pray for marriages that are in trouble and the good marriages to stay strong. We know who is responsible for a marriage failing the evil one he comes to kill, steal and destroy. We can not let him win. God is in control and He will do what He sees fit.

Inside Beauty

It’s not in the mirror

Or on the outside

For you to see

It’s in the inside and

It’s visible for all to see

It doesn’t matter

How pretty you are

Because inside beauty

Is only skin deep

It’s beneath layers

Of skin, muscle, and bone

It stands alone

It’s all you need

Not name brand clothes

The inside makes you

Yeah it’s true

The heart, lungs, and brain

Are all inside of you

There are other important parts too

When the body begins to age

It isn’t the same

The things on the outside

Begins to change

Looks fade away

The body begins to wrinkle

It looks different to people

Inside beauty never fades

Because  what is on the inside remains

If it does change

It just gets better with age

It gets better over time

Like a very fine wine

Or a valuable painting’s worth

There’s nothing like it

On the planet earth