What’s Tameeka Listening To?

I have a confession I absolutely love Christmas music!! I dusted off my Christmas playlist and I am jammin on the one!!!

Tameeka Simply I

Regardless of the number

Of the number of ladies

Who share my name

There’s only one with my

Personality and identity

I embrace my traits

The positive ones

And the negative ones

Negative things I

Give them antonyms

The positive things

I multiply with synonyms

Possessive becomes protective

Stubborn becomes determine

Weak becomes sensitive

Odd becomes unique

Passive becomes tolerant

Strict becomes punctilious

Old fashioned becomes standards

God made me

Who I am

And I say it proudly

I’m intelligent and funny

I’m heroic yet humble

I’m selfless and passionate

I’m skillful and helpful

My favorite thing prayer warrior

Daily I grow

I’ll let it all show

Not being boastful

As long as God knows

That’s all that matters

He made me to be awesome

I’m aware of my strength

And weakness too

Never am I ashamed

To admit to the truth

My spirit is beautiful

I stand by the people

Who I care about

Love ones as well

I love everyone

Anyone can tell

My passion everyday gets bolder

Standing tall like a British soldier

Always fighting for what

I believe in

Even though I am human

I don’t looks for rewards from man

Because I understand

That Jesus can

Do anything for me

He’s all that I need

With Him in my corner

I’m not afraid to be vulnerable

After all kindness in my nature

When you have the understanding

Of who God has called you to be

You know who you are

You then can fulfill your purpose

Which is to help others

I’m ready to do my job

In God’s kingdom



The Material Girl’s Prince Tribute

Many of Prince fans wasn’t happy about Madonna paying tribute to him on the Billboards Awards. It has been years since I have watched an award show I guess because of the music being made in the recent years. Like how is most of it even award worthy. Which gets me to thinking about the people who started a petition to stop Madonna from performing as if those people have a clue about real music Yeah I said, I’m just saying.

Now I will admit that I am partial to Madonna I’ve been a fan of hers every since I was very young. My mother bought me her 45s and LPs for my stereo which had a record player. Even with that being said she’s still a fantastic artist she and Prince were both red hot in the 80s. Yes it takes big shoes order to fill Prince’s legacy and the same applies for Madonna. It makes sense to think of picking her to pay tribute.

If we’re up to me I would have had various artists performing their favorite songs by Prince Lenny Kravitz being one of them. I watched Madonna tribute to Prince on YouTube it was pretty good Stevie Wonder joined her singing Nothing Compares To You. Prince wrote the song and Sinead O’Connor sang it which was a huge hit. Hmmmmmm I think I will share it on What’s Tameeka listening to? At the end of the day a true fan of an artist must be a music lover to understand the depth of music. Kind like a football so called fan who bails out when a team lose or a Walking Dead so called fan refusing to watch it if Daryl dies they are not true fans just a group of people looking for something to complain about. Madonna did well if people have a problem why don’t they try to do it doubt if they will be successful. Ummmmm Yeah I Said.