For the Time That We Are Here

Lit a candle in remembrance
Of all the people
Who passed away
Someone’s best friend
Someone’s wife or husband
Someone’s brother, sister, or cousin
Someone who was held near and dear
The pain of loss
Can put anybody into tears
And then here comes the fears
The realization
Of how short life is
Becomes painfully clear
Some people prepare
By having a relationship with Jesus Christ
Some people prepare
By getting life insurance
Some people prepare
In others ways
And all of these things are great
Regardless of what people
Do as ways to prepare
What do we do
For the time that
We are still here
Life is precious
It should not be spent
Wasting time
On hate
On grudges
On fear
We should live
A life that is filled with love
A life with a heart of forgiveness
A life that is lived fearless
Forgetting about the things
That we cannot fix
It shouldn’t have to take
The passing of someone special
To realize this
We should live life
Appreciating the people
Today before they go away
There are not many
Opportunities for second chances
So when they present
Themselves grab them
All while enjoying the lives
That we are blessed with
Because it’s a gift

Missing You Always

Some days are harder than others

Birthdays, holidays, a child’s birth

Wondering how it would be

If you were here with us

I really wish that you

Were on Earth

February 2nd is your birthday

February 3rd 1997 is the day and year

That  you left from here

So many things have taken place

Both good and bad

No matter what

I miss seeing your face

It’s 2017

20 years have gone by

Even now  I still cry

Memories help me to keep going

Like the circus blizzard of March 1980

5 months pregnant

Walking in the snow to

Come to get me off of the school bus

Millions of reasons why you have

And will always will be my hero

Hoping and praying that  I am able

To be at least a fraction of

A person that  you were

I miss you

Not just on Mother’s Day

Not just on Thanksgiving Day

Not just on Christmas Day

But every single day

There will always be

A huge hole in my heart

A band aid nor a first aid kit

Can fix the damage

It’s still hard to manage

Jesus has been my fence

Helping me with the healing

I feel so blue

Everyday that I live

I miss  you mom

You instilled in me

So many things

That are very helpful

Right to this very day

Which have been blessings

I won’t deny my feelings

I am human

I don’t know every answer

I don’t always understand

All  I know is everything

Works as part of God’s plan

Including those He chooses

To call home to Heaven

I continue to trust Him

Grateful for the time

We did spend

Thankful that you raised me

To know God Almighty

Because of that  I believe and know

That  I will see you again

Mom I miss you and  I love you


Matthew 5:4

 Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.


What About Your Soul?

Time for a pep talk it will perk up your day like a strong cup of coffee. Yummy! Indeed while we are here we are to make the most of things. Have a great career, children, big house, being healthy and happy. There is nothing more important then knowing where is your soul going to go simple because while we are what we feel are most important won’t matter once we are gone.

So how are your eyes? Do you see the best in people? When was the last time you read the Bible? How is your hearing? Are you listening to people truly?How is your water intake? How much living water are you drinking? How is your heart? Do you feel compassion for others? How is your mind? Do you think of ways to encourage people? How are you hands? How often you put them together to pray? How is your diet? When was the last time that you fasted?  Most importantly how is your relationship with God have you ask Him to work on everything about you so you can be ready once He return. He is coming back.

Missing You

Some days are harder than others

Mother’s day, birthdays and holidays

There’s a huge hole in my heart

That nothing can repair

I wish I could see you

Face to face

To let you know

How much that I care

Mom I miss you

And I love you

In though you passed in 1997

It still feels like it was yesterday

I guess it’s best to feel

This way that way

You memories will never fade

And I care carry you

In my heart always

Marriage Made In Heaven

When God brings together

Two people in a marriage

He encourages

Many things along the way

To never be afraid

Of the steps

That are directed by Him

Fellowship daily

Be in a hurry for nothing

And always open to learning

One another

Have much prayer

Lots of patience

For this is necessary

To have a marriage of greatness

Know the time for fruitfulness

As well as gentleness

And always be prepared

For a lesson in forgiveness

Keep in mind one another’s feelings

Be willing to give all that

You can possibly give

Doing all this

Will help with faithfulness

Especially when you realize

The best part of a great union

Is having your life long

Friend for all eternity

These are some of the keys

For a marriage made in Heaven