AJ’s Birthday Ride


Happy Birthday Dad

There is so much to love about February like it being a month away from spring, the month of one of my favorite president’s birthday, black history month and (drum roll please) my step-dad’s birthday. My step-dad is one of the greatest people that  I know.

I love my step-dad I really do. There are so many reasons why  I appreciate him. My step-dad has been in my life every since  I was about ten years old. He always helped my mom to  make things happen. My mother and step-dad had no children together but he treated us like his own. When my mother became sick he never left her side.

In 1997 my mother passed away from cancer. The funeral that my mother had was loaded with people who told my sisters and  I that they had our backs. As time went on the people at the funeral faded away but step-dad stayed. My step-dad never went anywhere he’s always been there for my sisters and I.

My step-dad still talks a lot about my mother even though she has been gone twenty years. I love one of  the stories that  he tells me one year my sisters and  I wanted bikes. He told my mom maybe they should get two bikes but my mother told him if all of us can’t get a bike then no one can. When my sisters and I woke up on Christmas day there were four bikes by the tree one for each of us.

I value my step-dad very much and pray that God blesses him with many more birthdays. In today’s society it’s a treasure to find a person who values you and your children without motives. My step-dad is a really great dad and  I am so glad that  I am blessed to have him in my life.

Blessings to My Son


Sooooooooooo thankful that God
Gave you to me
I have been blessed
With many things
But you and your brother
Mean so much to me
Much joy to my heart
Is what you both bring
Everyday I look forward
To happily
I celebrate you both
For you guys are
A huge blessing
You inspire me
To push myself
Harder than I
Could ever dream
Here’s to your day
Happy Birthday Baby
I love you
For you are my
Everything! ! ! ! ! !

It’s My Birthday

Today is my birthday and I do not take it lightly at all. Birthdays in my eyes are a blessing everyday that I open my eyes are a blessing. There are people who made plans and the plans did not get completed.

Thinking of going into my forties would start so much anxiety in me. My mother passed away one day 44 and she did not see it. She was kept heavily medicated and so she never opened her eyes. Other people in my family passed away in their early forties as well. I miss my mother everyday there isn’t one day that passes by that she doesn’t cross my mind. There is a hole in my heart and it can never be filled. I would not want my sons to feel that pain ever especially my youngest who has autism. When his grandmother passed away that’s on his father side it devastated him it took a lot of work getting him to understand. He would go to a window look up to the sky and ask God to send his grandmother back. He’s gotten a lot better now when we prays he tells God to tell his grandmother hello. That’s why I am taking good care of myself by eating as clean as I can. I want to be here as long as I can. Yes people who are no longer here to complete their plans however what’s most important are the people who were left behind that miss them.

Yesterday I had a friend tell me that God told her to tell me to write down the desires of my heart and then pray about it afterwards. I did it of course I know that God will do what He sees that’s fit for my children and I. I’m just thankful and grateful to be alive. Thank You Father God for all that You have done, still do and will do I trust You.