Carry It Gangsta

Goodfellas, Griselda Blanco and Al Capone

When a relationship is over

You’ve got to carry it gangsta

At some point in most of our lives

We will have a break up

Gone are the days

When marriages lasted a lifetime

I’m not saying don’t work

Things out if you can please do

However staying in a relationship

When you are unhappy

Makes no sense

When you have done all that you could

It’s best to let things go

Will it hurt

Of course

But why hold on

Most times when relationships

Comes to an end

There were signs that it was going to

Like more arguments

Less time spent together etc.

So don’t be scorn

Don’t be bitter

Especially if you once loved the person

Where did the hate come from

Anger only hurts the

One that’s angry

Healed people heals others

Just because something comes to an end

It doesn’t have to be

On a sour note

There are many things that ends

Books but you don’t stop reading them

Movies but you don’t stop watching them

It’s all about how you look at it

One doors closes

And another one opens

So when a relationship is over

Don’t hate or mope

The way to cope is to

Carry it gangsta