The Art of Forgiveness

The moment a person hurts me
I forgive
The moment a person uses me
I forgive
The moment a person judges me
I forgive
The moment a person breaks my heart
I forgive
The moment a person disappoint me
I forgive
The moment the person betrays me
I forgive
The moment that a person makes me
Feel anything else besides positive
I forgive
If a person does these things to me
I develop an understanding
Rather what was done to me was done
Purposely or not
I choose to forgive
The moment that I forgive my peace
Begins and my pain ends
Forgiveness is a process
Don’t know if it can ever be perfected
It’s hard to forget
About a messed up situation
Especially when most of the time
The biggest test of forgiveness
Is forgiving a person who caused pain
That came from a person whom
Was trusted the most
Betrayal rarely comes from a stranger
Forgiveness isn’t holding on to grudges
It’s letting go of them
Besides the person doesn’t know or care
About the trouble that they caused
We all need a lesson
It’s a two way street
We all at one point has hurt someone
Purposely or unintentionally
All we can do is ask for forgiveness
You can’t push it
If we do
That means we are only thinking of ourselves
We want to be free of guilt
When we do wrong we must deal with
It and respect a person’s space
Closure may mean losing a person without a trace
Just be thankful for God’s grace
Many times that has to be enough


Set Free

When you have prayed about a situation whatever it maybe remember that you have given it to God and you are now set free. Caring about what others think is like living in prison it’s bondage. None of us have lived perfect lives we all have things that we are not proud of. I’m not saying to not care about the wrong that has been done I’m saying don’t be a slave to it. We live and we learn. It’s important to let go of people who won’t allow us to let go of pass mistakes no one can grow that way. The last people who should be making us feel as we are unworthy of God’s mercy and grace are fellow Christians. Yes we must face what we have done and no we don’t get a pass to do whatever we want the key is understanding this. Bondage is not a good thing. So break every chain!!!

No Matter What

James 1:19

Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

When we are angry we must be careful about what is said. Words can only be forgiven and not forgotten. One thing I have seen a lot of are mothers telling the fathers that a child isn’t theirs never plant a seed it will always grow especially one of doubt. And the children doesn’t deserve to be placed in the middle. Anger is one emotion that can cause a person to do some serious damage that is most times irreversible. Don’t say hurtful things no matter what.

Walk away nothing is worth unnecessary damage to any relationship. One may win an argument but lose the one that they care about. Even the most solid relationship or marriage can not withstand too much wear and tear. It’s important to one let go let God and two have self control it takes two tango. Taking the high road is a great thing. I’m not saying for a person to walk all over you still we must be selective when it comes to our words.

It a relationship and marriage it’s suppose to be a team. There is no I in team however there is in single. When we are blessed to have our king or queen the last thing that we should do is hurt them intentionally with our words.

A Second Chance

God is a God of second chances still when is it okay for us to offer it. When should we be open to giving something or someone a second chance.  There are so many scenarios and it’s best to look at both sides of the coin.  First and foremost  pray to God  for me many situations in my past would have went smoother had I done this. As everyone can tell I’m an optimist and a realist as well it’s like driving you have to be an offensive and defensive driver. Another thing about me is that I can be incredibly stubborn it takes a lot for me to give up on anyone or anything however when I do I’m done.

We have to evaluate what’s worth giving something another try and what isn’t. It takes removing the blinders and being completely honest about a situation. For instance like being in a relationship or marriage and our mate hurts us. Now let’s be clear anytime we take a chance in love there’s a chance of getting hurt maybe not intentionally it still happens. I guess it’s about looking at what took place and  filtering whether it was a choice or a mistake. Like with cheating it is a choice always still what made the person cheat its a selfish act absolutely I believe in scratching beneath the surface always. Did the person who cheated feel ignored?  Were they deprived of intimacy? Is the person who cheated selfish? Whatever answer that you come up with is how you move forward.

Forgiveness is something that we must do it’s not just for the person who hurt us but for us as well. When we forgive it sets us free from bitterness. We should not confuse forgiveness with trusting a person again. To forgive is to not hold a grudge and trusting leaves room for the opportunity of a second chance. Just because we forgive a person it doesn’t mean that we allow ourselves to be hurt again.



Many times we speak of

Forgiving or people not being bitter

Letting go and moving on

Well that’s all good

And that’s great too still we

Must always own our mistakes

Yes things happen

And not always on purpose

Still it’s very important

To be conscious

And have common decency

To make choices that won’t

Have to result into things

That requires looking

For forgiveness

We all have to be conscientious

By not hurting a person in the first place

Treating our moves like chess

Thinking of the outcome

Two or three moves prior

Let’s be honest

The things that hurts anyone

The most were things

Where the person who hurt them

Knew better but chose to

Do otherwise

But down the line

Most times become the advocate

Of forgiveness

When all it takes

Is having the mindset

Or crossing a street

Looking both ways

Before making a move

Treating people as we

Would like to be treated

Or another rule

If you don’t want it done to you

Then don’t do it to someone else

Let a warning signal go off in your head

Like the ringing of the Liberty Bell

And not expecting people

To get over what was done

Because we were in the wrong

So let’s not be so quick

To speak of forgiveness or grudges

Let’s first be careful and diligent

So we don’t have to seek mercy

From someone who’s hurting

All we have to do is care

About what we do in the first place