For the Record

One of the things that I admire about Jack White is his love for vinyl records but I do not like to repeat myself like a scratched LP. Several times I have shared my feelings pertaining to politics. I do not like to get into politics, especially with people who cannot respect a person’s right to support what one chooses. The only time I get worked up about politics is when I feel that my religious freedoms are at stake.

I grew up in a Christian household. We went to church every Sunday and sometimes Bible study would be held in our home. My mother would vote in every election and she voted democratic across the board. When my sisters and I turned 18 we had to register to vote. For the record my mother worked hard up until she wasn’t able to because she was dying from cancer. Let me share the kind of mother that she was the last Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner she cooked before she died was done while she was in a wheelchair. My mother did not live off the government but she felt that democrats cared about poor people. She instilled her beliefs into my sisters and I. I changed my mind about republicans once I met a politician name Thelma Drake. One of the first posts that I wrote on my blog was about Thelma Drake and how she changed my mind about republicans and democrats.

There can be so much confusion that comes out of politics. I mean shoot someone might judge me because I love Jack White. Jack White has voiced his opinion more than once about Trump. Someone might judge a person who calls themselves a Christian and is conservative, yet supports gay rights. The biggest opinion right now is people who voted for Trump are all racists. Which isn’t the truth. See what I mean? I just don’t like to get into politics too much for so many reasons. It’s simply not always black and white when it comes to politics, yet many people act like it is.

I have witnessed great people have a falling out behind politics. In my opinion when we scratch beneath the surface of politics it all boils down to the ideology lines between democrats and republicans. It’s just my opinion on things. If it’s okay to have an opinion. Another thing Trump is the president, we have to accept and respect it. Just because people doesn’t like the fact that Trump is president will not change it. People once had to accept that Obama was president too.

What makes our country great is our right to choose. It’s crazy that in a country where we have the right to vote for who we want in the office drag out fights occur behind it. It doesn’t make any kind of sense to me. Why do things have to get so ugly? So whether you are a donkey or elephant, so what. Can we all agree to disagree? Vote for and support for whomever is it that makes you happy, just don’t be ugly about it. For every reason why a person feels it’s right to be democratic, someone can come up with reasons why republicans are right.

The Aftermath

A person can tell what I stand for just by reading my blog and that’s for Jesus Christ. As Americans we have the right to vote and regardless of what anyone says or feels the outcome is clear Trump is the president-elect. Every election things flip flops a democrat is placed into the White House then a republican that’s what makes this country great we have the luxury of enforcing change by our say so, which is by our vote.

People are protesting and really there’s nothing that can be done. Trump won and that’s that. We have to respect what has happened. Being a Christian my faith is in Jesus Christ and not man. Worrying, being negative and angry will do nothing at all it solves nothing. What people have to understand is that just because a person voted for Trump doesn’t make them racist it makes them a republican. News flash the people who voted for Trump wasn’t white only but every color so the hateful comments most cease. I have Facebook friends of every race and some of them are Trump supporters. I am not getting salty behind someone else’s choice it’s their right. Question how do people know who voted for Trump unless they say it and apparently regardless of his lack of experience amongst other things didn’t change the outcome. So how do we handle the aftermath of the election? We respect the results and give Trump a chance if he doesn’t do well in four years return back to the polls and allow your voice to be heard just like what happened this time.

I’m praying for our nation that everyone goes forward with an opened mind and open heart. This land is your land this land is my land let’s do the best that we can. Together we stand divided we fall and we will all feel it. I will continue to put my faith in God who’s in control of America and beyond. God is in control of you and me one day we all will see it. Believe that! I don’t have to see God to know who’s really in charge even though He’s shown His power through events in my life several times. Everything will be alright we all just have to believe it the first step is acceptance that will help things to smooth over in a positive way. Blessings to all.

Politics and Christianity

John 17:16 says “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.” Romans 12:12 says “And be not conformed of this world: but ye transformed by the renews of your mind…” I get this still we have to vote to make sure that our beliefs are not put into jeopardy. As far as I am concerned I have never been as worried in my whole entire life about Christianity. I look around and this country looks so different from the 80’s and 90’s. I have said it before I will say it again I am proud to be a Christian. I don’t push what I believe on people but I don’t hide my love for Christ either.

In my household growing up one of the rules were when you turned eighteen you have to get registered to vote. My mother was democratic  it was because she felt like they were for the middle class and the poor. And yes she was a Christian too. I understood what my mother meant so I became democratic too. I was really young so of course I am going to follow what my mother felt.

As I have shared before my first real job was at a convenience store. The cool part about is that a variety of people comes in and I loved it. There was a really nice lady that came in she got her coffee. She and I began to talk and she introduced herself as Thelma Drake. I was amazed at her views and what she stood for and I voted for her. Sorry mom the lady was brilliant she got me to see things differently. The older that I got I began to realize that to me my faith was very important so I vote for those  that feel the same. Now I know many politicians will say anything to get elected but there are some that try their best to follow through.

What makes me sad is how ugly the elections can get and how it can separate people. To the point where agreeing to disagree can’t apply. It should never be made about race because it’s not. Perhaps what we all must keep in mind that America is like a ship if it goes down we are all effected by it. We must do what it takes to keep her great and unite instead of fight. I want what’s best for our country there’s a generation coming up behind us. So all I want is what is right for this beautiful nation.