Culture Awareness

Recently I finished a course in Intercultural Competence and it taught me a lot of new things when it comes to interacting with different cultures. In order to become aware of other cultures it helps to become aware of your own. I have learned that once we understand others cultures; we can then appreciate them, establish a relationship and build an alliance. To build a strong community it takes a large number of people to make it work. Each culture is unique and has perspectives and strengths that any community can benefit from. Having an understanding of every culture can help us to overcome as well as avoid ethnic and racial divisions. A community can win when people don’t struggle with the vision of what a fair, moral and harmonious society is. There are many cultures and of course many of us would like to know about them all a good way to start is finding out about who lives in our community, the kind of diversity that already exists, the struggles that exist between the cultures, the struggles that are openly recognized and the kinds of issues that the different cultures have in common.

When it comes to having a community that is united there certain steps that should be taken and there are things that should not be done as well. Let’s use the African-American culture as an example there has been a lot of bad things that have taken place. There is still a lot of hurt that has turned into anger which is present in America to this very day. Even though I am an African-American one thing is true making people feel guilty for what their ancestors have done hundreds of years ago will not help diversity to become effective. People tend to change when they don’t feel condemned or guilt tripped. One day I saw a post from a Facebook friend she actually apologized for what her ancestors had done hundreds of years ago and I commented telling her that it was unnecessary. It may come as a shock to many but I get called names a lot like sellout and even accused of not being true to my culture. I have gotten slammed on several occasions all because of my views. My Christian beliefs help to keep me hopeful no matter how a situation looks like. In my opinion when it comes to bring cultures together everyone must be included, a solution of what can be done to solve the issues with hope of getting it done together is a huge step into the right direction. Having a strong community can only happen by  people working together from every culture this will help to build a strong relationship that has a core.

As I have written in the beginning getting to know one’s own culture and other cultures builds bridges that can connect people in addition recognizing the differences is important too. Many times people don’t want to recognize cultures differences out of fear that it may cause division however it’s actually on the contrary. Learning about other cultures can actually bring people closer together. When people are aware of other cultures they learn how to interact without negativity happening. A mind closed mind is not open to knowledge and so ignorance grows. It’s important that we all keep in mind that regardless of our cultures being different we all have feelings,we are human beings and we are all God’s Children.

Galatians 3:26

For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.

God’s Creations

Hey Everyone Blessings!!

One of classes that I am taking is called Cross-Cultural Psychology this week’s assignment was to choose a country to write about it’s culture and how are their emotions. I chose to write about Italy. I also had to compare it to the culture of the United States what a huge difference that there are. There is so much that I learned about Italy that I didn’t know like it’s a little larger than the state of Arizona but has ten times the population. How Italy has only been a country for 153 years. I learned how important family is to Italians not just immediate but extended too. How most Italians children don’t leave home until they are 30 and even though they are gone their mothers still cooks for them. Or how they talk with their hands and doesn’t hold feelings in. Practically every place in Italy holds some type of significance.  Vernice is my favorite place it’s the most beautiful and romantic place in the whole world.

My class got me to thinking about the beautiful things that God has blessed us with and the gifts that helps us to create more. I love all the beautiful things that we have here on earth and the things that we are blessed to experience. How God took so much care with all that He created including each one of us. God loves is everywhere all we have to do is take a look around. It blows my mind and gives my heart so much joy thinking about the goodness of the Lord. I’m so glad that I know Him and so very thankful for all that He does. I thank God for waking me up. I thank God for my children. I thank God for my family immediate and extended. I thank God for my friends. I thank God for every experience good or bad and the ones that made me happy or sad. For every blessing that I have ever had I am glad. Father God thank You!