Pep Talk 101

Good Morning! Good Morning! Every day that you open your eyes give yourself a pep talk to boost the day like coffee. You don’t have to give a presidential speech just generate enough positive words can produce a tidal wave. Give yourself a pat on the back and yes it’s okay to toot your own horn. Besides God you and only you know about you. Yes in your life you have encountered bad things but do not stress too much about it because there have been positive things too. So don’t wait until your birthday to celebrate you give yourself that treatment everyday. You may not believe this but it’s so true one life touches another and that includes you! You are valuable.


Be your own cheerleader don’t wait for someone else. A sense of confidence is something that we all need. GOT SPIRIT!!!!! USE IT!!!!! BE SURE TO PASS IT ON!!!!



Diva……..Yeah that’s me!!!!

Can’t noooooo human being

Get me to feel differently

For you see

I know who is in control

Of all of my blessings

Who made me to be

And it’s God Almighty

He has blessed me

With all kinds

Of cool parts

Let’s see where

Do I start

Well Heeeeeey

I’m smart

Have a big heart

A knack for art

And let’s not forget

I’m soooooo sweet

Give a person

Anything that I can


Me conceited


You have the wrong “C”

I am confident

How can I not be

Grateful for all of the gifts

That God has given me

The way that I see it

God is a show off God

When He creates something

He stunts hard

That’s why I say

What I say with ease

Can’t nobody get

Me to see differently

Because I have been

Stamped and approved

By God Almighty