The Story of My Life

Growing up my walls were plastered with posters of Skid Row, Kiss, Cinderella etc. My mother bought me t-shirts with Guns N Roses and Pantera on them. I’ve never went a long with what was considered to be the collective of the black community. I listen to all music but metal/ rock music is my favorite besides the lyrics in the rap music of today are disrespectful. I’m not interested in music that constantly degrades women it just isn’t cool. There are some women who listens to this kind of music with the excuse of well they aren’t talking about me. Which is so completely lame. Some of these rappers only concern is to make money not even wanting a gold or platinum record like how it was years ago. Rappers years ago wanted to make positive changes in the community. Things are so different from years ago that it almost breaks my heart.

The thing about the internet and social media people are able to connect and tell their truths. I can totally relate about being told that I’m not black enough because of my choices in music, social views etc. What’s being black enough anyway? Isn’t my skin color enough? I never understood the phrases “acting white” or “not being black enough”. Still I’ve heard this most of my life. It only kept me isolated when I was young. I can definitely relate to this video it’s the story of my life.

My School’s Contest

I am super excited!!! My college is holding a contest and I entered into it. We had to make a video explaining our why. Why did we decide to return back to college? I want to make a difference in the community. I am very concerned about broken homes. I am hoping that I win if not it is still okay because I got a chance to use my voice.

A Nightmare Dance

Would someone please tell me what’s going on? What’s going on within the black community? I know what you are thinking what is Tameeka talking about now? I’m talking about the way women are viewed and treated especially black women. Let’s be honest about how hip hop degrades black women with names like whores and of course the “B” word. Whether we want to admit it or not music is very powerful. I’m so tired of artist if we want to call some of them that not wanting to be  held accountable for the effect of the music that their music causes but want their bank account to reflect it. I mean what kind of world are we living in where three words gets a person killed. Now before anyone gets bent out of shape about what I am writing  about I am a black woman who is the mother of two sons. I’m making sure that my sons respect allllllll women of every race. No one has the right to touch a woman without her consent no means no so get over it. I don’t care exactly how  a woman says it how should a woman respond to disrespect? “Excuse me even though you are grinding on my body without my permission could you please stop? “Please don’t shoot. Please don’t curse me out. Are we saying that a woman has to live in fear if she rejects a man? Sad to say I believe most women have a story to share about the way some men behave when they are rejected. Some men who are rejected will curse a woman out. Some men will call a woman names. Some men will lie and start rumors allllll because they got their feelings hurt. Look real men accepts rejection and walks away I just want to make that clear. Anyone who feels differently I’ll pray for you.

There’s a story that I just heard about it’s about a young beautiful college student her name was Tiarah Poyau. She was dancing on a dance floor when a guy name Reginald Morse was grinding on her without her consent. This young woman said three words “Get off me” and was shot in the eye behind her body. Two young lives are gone what’s going on? Now I am not saying that all women haven’t been disrespected I just feel that something is terribly wrong when a woman can’t say no. There is something wrong in the black community. Where are the black lives matter voices? I’m just hearing about this story. Where is the outrage? One’s things for certain something has got to change.

The mindset that some people have towards women things like a woman is “asking for it” based on how she dresses. There are many stories where women have been raped and do you know what’s scary? Some women are afraid to report what happened out of fear of how they will be treated. It’s just isn’t right. Our bodies are our temples it’s our choice of who we choose to allow to touch it. I don’t care who the women are, how she dresses, what size she is or what rumors that you may have heard no means no lose the ego. Go take a stroll until you find a woman that will fulfill your desires. What one person won’t do another one will so go find them. We have to do better.

Biology Class

Growing up math and science were my favorite subjects. Though the two are different math is used in science like Chemistry. I’m super excited about my upcoming class it’s Biology Nutritional science!!! I so can not wait to begin I love how God already put me in the mindset about clean eating. Eating clean keeps us healthy a huge part of staying on track is what we eat like 70% the other percentage is exercising. I love walking and working out!!! Being at a healthy isn’t just about looking good but feeling good and living longer. Let’s be honest there aren’t many people who are obese living well up into their 60s, 70s and 80s. It’s all about honesty being over 200 pounds in not good. Our culture definitely has a lot to do with the way that we eat. But God is the guide in my life and yes I want Him in control of how much that I eat. Years ago I was an emotional eater whenever I got stressed I would eat it’s not good at all. Overeating is a very slippery slope that’s hard to walk back up on but it is possible. I want to live for a very long time. It’s important for me to watch my sons get older. It’s a beautiful thing seeing families with multiple generations. So ready for more additional steps on this amazing journey!


My My My time flies doesn’t it? Where does it go? This week is the last week of the course that I have been taking. The last assignment that I had to turn in is a writing about my reflection of the course. What will I do differently in my next course? What will I continue to do?  It got me to thinking ( which is no surprise) not just about this course but my walk with Christ, my sons, my relationships my past period. It had me feeling perplexed for a split second. My life though not perfect I’m content with my decisions because I have Christ in my life. Like what was I even thinking my life is beyond a book report this isn’t the movie the Breakfast Club. Anyway I trust God with everything always if there’s one that I have learned that’s report worthy I am nothing without God. I will not push Him out of my life He has brought me a long ways for that I am truly thankful. Sometimes I just like to write out how awesome that God is not that I could ever forget.

Recently and this is kinda off topic I lost contact with one of my close friends for some reason they were on my mind heavily. This friend was a Christian too on fire for God when I spoke with them it turned out that they had experienced a huge tragedy and in fact has turned away from God. What a bummer. I mean really everything that happens in our lives is not God’s fault all the time. It is sometimes the devil or our poor choices that put us into certain situations.

Having a strong relationship with God helps with understanding many things I may hurt but I won’t allow anything to cause me to fall away from Christ. When I think back on the many times that God has helped me there is just no way that I can turn away from Him. Some of the worst times that occurred was when my relationship with Christ wasn’t as strong. What I have learned is that the devil attacks us at our weakest time. But with God He keeps us strong all we have to do is trust Him. He speaks to us, comforts us, loves us and guides us all we have to do is let Him.


How Dare You?

Good Morning. Happy Saturday to All

I experienced a rather interesting week one that I will forever will remember as long as I live. This week’s homework assignment touched me as someone who is black, a woman and a Christian. As I have talked a little bit about on an earlier post there was a speech that we had to read and we had to explain which impacted us more about the speech reading it or seeing it. The name of the speech is called Ain’t I a Woman by Sojourner Truth’s it was given at a women Convention in 1851. She spoke of the inequalities of blacks and women. What I loved the most about the speech is how she made biblical references that really hit home for me. Even though I am black and a woman I am a Christian first. Nowadays people like to make a mockery about Christianity let me tell everyone something this woman showed strength and bravery during a time when it could have placed her life in danger. But her love for Christ made her fearless and it touched me in a mighty way. This speech put me more on fire for Christ more than ever.

The speech also got me stirred up about another thing that I talk about quite often and that’s how black women are disrespected by Some black men. I never feel that it’s okay for a black man to bash a black woman or a black woman to bash a black man. I could go on for hours on in about this subject however I find it comical the way that Some black men bash black women. Let me get this right a black man came from a black woman majority of the time witnessed first hand what his very own mother went through. Yet disrespect black women who are encountering the exact same thing? I highly doubt that God intended for it to be that way. In fact a man is suppose to be the head of the family and the woman was suppose oversee the household being the rib of her hubby. Some of these men can’t possibly feel that women don’t have frustration from the hand that was dealt and expect them to smile about it even though we do just don’t forget what’s behind our smiles. Absolutely cannot stand when a person says for a woman to pick better as if they knew that the man would waste their time. Most of the time we never know a person intentions until it’s too late. Some people are good as wearing a mask until they get what they want. The last time I checked no woman wants to be a single mother it’s a hard task.Look black women have to be strong and hold on no matter how much we get kicked around. Our strength is what keeps us going so Some of you black men don’t get intimidated understand us and respect us.

The last thing that peaked my interest was Cicely Tyson interpretation of the speech she’s 91 years old so we all can imagine what she has seen in her lifetime. I wrote a post about her in class she inspired me so much. One of my classmates said that maybe because she’s a great actress is the reason why she was about to bring the speech to life. I told them no that’s what she’s experienced in 91 years of life she definitely knows a lot the reinterpretation only sparked something inside. It made me feel proud to wear my life lessons like strips on a military jacket. I am indeed a Christian black woman and very honoured by that fact too.

College Life

Goooooooood Morning Everyone! Happy Friday!! I feel so fantastic I have started back to college. Working on getting the cobwebs off of my brain there aren’t many I received a degree in 2012 so I am excited. I will be back into the groove again within no time.

Just want to inspire somebody it’s never too late to start a new journey. With God on our team there is absolutely nothing that we can not accomplish. God will truly see us through all we have to do is believe. I woke up feeling really great this morning just thinking about the goodness of God.

The thing about starting something new one have to have balance and that’s why I consult God with everything that I do. I don’t want anything to go over looked or neglected just so very excited. Coffee can’t even measure up to the feeling that I am feeling right now and I love me some coffee! Anyway have a very beautiful day! As always thank you so much for reading my posts and listening to my podcasts.