The Art of Forgiveness

The moment a person hurts me
I forgive
The moment a person uses me
I forgive
The moment a person judges me
I forgive
The moment a person breaks my heart
I forgive
The moment a person disappoint me
I forgive
The moment the person betrays me
I forgive
The moment that a person makes me
Feel anything else besides positive
I forgive
If a person does these things to me
I develop an understanding
Rather what was done to me was done
Purposely or not
I choose to forgive
The moment that I forgive my peace
Begins and my pain ends
Forgiveness is a process
Don’t know if it can ever be perfected
It’s hard to forget
About a messed up situation
Especially when most of the time
The biggest test of forgiveness
Is forgiving a person who caused pain
That came from a person whom
Was trusted the most
Betrayal rarely comes from a stranger
Forgiveness isn’t holding on to grudges
It’s letting go of them
Besides the person doesn’t know or care
About the trouble that they caused
We all need a lesson
It’s a two way street
We all at one point has hurt someone
Purposely or unintentionally
All we can do is ask for forgiveness
You can’t push it
If we do
That means we are only thinking of ourselves
We want to be free of guilt
When we do wrong we must deal with
It and respect a person’s space
Closure may mean losing a person without a trace
Just be thankful for God’s grace
Many times that has to be enough

It’s Okay

Heeeeeey!! I’m feeling great! Woot Woot! I took a little break and it’s okay. It’s okay to take a break students take spring and summer breaks from school. People take vacations from work. God rested on the seventh day. Taking a break gives a person a chance to relax, rejuvenate, and have a fresh outlook.

When  I started my blog  I was so happy and  I still am. I wanted to take a step back to think about the direction that  I want to take my blog in and well so far so go. I’m proud about the things that  I have shared it’s about helping someone else. I want God to get His glory from my story. It’s not a good look to make things about one’s self.

I will get back into writing again because I love to write. There are so many testimonies that I have witnessed and I can’t wait to write about them. God is so good!! I want to tell the world out the goodness of God!

I hope that everyone is enjoying spring! Remember taking a break is okay it will make you feel great!


My Youngest Is One Of My Heroes

With the last day of April upon us it stirred feelings up within me. April is the month of Autism Awareness and my youngest has autism. Next Saturday he will be thirteen years old officially a teenager. My youngest has come a long ways from not being able to talk very well until he was five or six. He was seven when he was completely potty trained. There is a lot to caring for a child that has a disability it requires a whole lot of patience.

It was hard at first accepting that my son was different I didn’t want to face it at all. No one wants to accept that something is wrong with what they created. My sons grandmother pointed it out put I refused to pay attention to what she said. She wasn’t mean about it she never was a mean person. She was trying to raise my awareness. Finally I took my son to the doctor and sure enough it was found that he was autistic. I was devastated in the beginning let’s face it the black community aren’t the biggest supporters of mental health. Growing up people believed that kids needs to be beat but some required more like medicine. Mental health awareness have come all a way from the 1300 when it was believe that a person was possessed so holes were drilled into a person’s skull as a way to let out supposedly evil spirits.

My youngest is one of my heroes he’s so sweet, giving and very caring. He and I share a very strong bond. I’m so proud of him. He’s growing everyday. We enjoy the same music and movies. His two favorite movies are Three O’clock High and Never Been Kissed. Yes he loves Never Been Kissed because he says that he enjoys happy endings. I have come a long way too. Many things have helped to  change me into the person that I am today and my son is one of them. I love him so much and I am so very thankful that God gave him to me. Looking forward to what the future has for my son and know that there will be many blessings to come.


I would absolutely love to have the talent of Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson and William Shakespeare to name a few. Growing up I always enjoyed writing my mother inspired me she wrote things for her church when she was young. For me writing is a way to express all of my feelings and poetry helps me to do it in a creative way. Someone asked me what type of writing style do I have that was an excellent question too I guess that I never really thought about it. My poetry style could probably be more of a sonnet. I pretty much write about everything. So loving the month of April it is national poetry month everyday I write hoping to become better with each word. I have notebooks all over the place. Working on a couple of poems right now stay tuned I will be sharing them very soon.

What’s the 411?

It’s said that April showers brings May flowers. April is definitely showering down a lot of blessings. So far it’s  starting off as a great month for my blog Be Lifted. Today on April 11, Be Lifted has a totally of 500 likes and 1000 views. I can’t express it enough I am very proud of how well my blog is doing. Looking forward to what will grow in May today is a terrific day.