1 [in singular] the state or time of greatest vigour or success in a person’s life:

you’re in the prime of life

To think that you’re in the prime of your life would be an incredibly problematic and, most significantly, subjective conclusion to reach.

To be in a stage of great vigour or success in your life would mean, essentially, that your life circumstances couldn’t get any better – you’re on top of the world – or, at least – on top of your world. I suggest it is problematic because success (and happiness) is as transient and fluid as your opinion; the meaning of success (and happiness) to you could be the fundamental opposite of another’s perception of what success (and happiness) is.

Oh, thank heaven for confirmation. Often I get signs of confirmation and I love it. They show that I am on the right track. After all looking to human beings for answers doesn’t always happen because we don’t know if they are being truly genuine. Not many of us have people in our lives who will give answers that are in our best interest. Every so often I reminisce of a past wonderful relationship and it’s all right to do so. I choose not to think of negative things all the time. Life is way too short for that. One of my favorite movies is called “Prime” starring Uma Thurman who is my favorite actress. Prime is about a 37-years-old divorcee named Rafi who meets a 23-year-old painter named David, they fall in love instantly. Things become complicated because Rafi is seeing a therapist due to her hurtful divorce. The therapist happens to be David’s mother which causes some issues down the line. Prime is an irresistibly and entertaining hit. One of my favorite parts of the movie is when David’s mother tells him that “Sometimes we love, we learn, and we move on”. Rafi served a huge purpose in David’s life she got him to go for his dream of being a painter. Rafi wanted children being that she was getting older even though she was in love with David he was not in a place where he could give her what she needed. My other favorite part of the movie was the end when Rafi and David had broken up but they crossed paths again their eyes met and a flood of memories which highlighted the beautiful parts of their relationship. While the memories were occurring the song called “ I Wish You Love” played. After watching the movie immediately I thought of the song called “Torch”. I wrote a post recently about “Torch” it’s funny how things come back in full circle.

Yesterday AMC spoiled me by allowing fans of the Walking Dead to be able to see the midseason premiere early. Yippee! At the beginning of the show, Michonne gave a refresher of where people lives were. One of the things that Michonne spoke about was how Rick was her true love. It got me to thinking about everything Rick and Michonne had been through up until the time that they met one another. With all the people who came and went in their lives, none were truly their true love which included Rick’s wife. To be able to look back and wish someone that you once loved well is a sign of true growth. There is no growth in having a hateful heart towards an ex otherwise it’s a sign that feelings are still there.

Love is important but it isn’t always enough in relationships and marriages. Sometimes we have fun, we love, we learn,we move on, and we wish our ex love. If you love someone truly love them set them free if it’s meant to be it will happen.


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