I will never understand how come some black women can quickly turn on one another. It’s a shame. Yesterday I read a post by one of my facebook friends saying that her son’s friends doesn’t dated black women because we have attitudes amongst other not so nice things that I do not care to repeat. She posted about it so it has me wondering. In my mind messengers have motives, what was her motive? An excuse for why it’s all right for black men to date non-black women. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I could give a hill a beans about who date who it’s the double standards that I can’t stand. People will come for me but will ignore the facts that I have to back up what I say. I will not be a product of tribal shaming. I will not be bullied into silence. Any type of insults that happen to me are just ways to silence me and why is that? As long as I go along with the program it’s all good. As long as I get in line it’s all good. Welp. I am not a Kindergartner. I won’t be treated like a child. I’m all for people living their lives therefore allow me to live mine! Don’t pick and choose who should get attacked and who doesn’t that’s a bully’s mentality. The attacking of others with the hope of isolating them from others I can’t get with. Making people feel like they are unworthy of a better life according to someone else’s standards. When a person speaks truth the people who don’t want to receive it quickly label it as being negative. Everything that I named are silencing tactics and I won’t stand for it. Bullies attempt to bully those who they feel are weaker than them. I serve only one God I sure as heck won’t deal with humans attempting to play God in my life. If people don’t like what I have to write don’t read my blog leave me be (let me live my life) just like how you guys allow men like Nick Cannon to do so.

Black women get trashed by their fellow sisters but did Nick Cannon get trashed? Nope, He wasn’t. Nick Cannon spoke of how dating white women is looked at as the ultimate status symbol. Uh huh!!! What will be said about this? The most that will be said about Nick Cannon is that he is “cornball” and that is at a minimum. So far I have not seen any kind of attacks on Nick Cannon. There will not be any kind of attacking campaigns on Nick Cannon, trust me on this one. Yet, A person like me can be and will be torn apart and I just can’t take people who have double standards seriously. I’ve been attacked mostly by black women and I don’t care. It’s understood that a made up mind can’t be changed however that can make a person narrow-minded. I for one refuse to continue to turn a blinded eye to these kind of situations. To be honest I am glad that more and more black men like Nick Cannon are showing who they truly are may be then people will begin to see the truth.


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