As long as I am on Facebook, my chances of developing writer’s block are slim. Every day I see something that makes me feel like what in the world? Today I saw a post that said, “Women who say that they want to be alone are liars. If a woman doesn’t want the company of a man, something must be wrong because it’s human nature. That every woman wants to be touched if not but for 20 minutes and be wined as well as dined by someone special. Step out of the denial zone!” So hilarious! Like this person can speak for every woman on the planet.

I came to the realization a long time ago that a lot of people do not have our best interest in mind unless theirs benefit in some way. Example if a woman is alone, there isn’t any possible drama that they can laugh about, such as a man cheating or being disrespectful. Some women can’t win especially black women if they date interracially it’s who do they think that they are? If some black women say that they want to be alone, they are liars. There are people sadly, especially some women who find joy in someone else’s pain. Check out a person’s timeline on facebook it will tell you everything that you need to know if it’s like a loaded potato with fighting videos there you go. They love the drama; it’s the highlight of their day. Misery loves company.

Yes. There are good men, but there are a lot of bad. The good ones never say anything to the bad ones anyway that’s for another time. The bad ones cheat, lie, disrespectful, and don’t take care of their children, to name a few. As far as I am concerned, some of these dudes belong in the 1700s because the only use that they can be good at is a bed warmer.

So if some women want to be alone what it is to anyone else? What do they have to do with it? It sounds like someone isn’t so happy with their 20 minutes and being wined as well dined because they got time to pay attention to someone else’s business. Well, 20 minutes does go by quickly!!! Happy and busy people have one thing significant thing in common they don’t have time to entertain the thought of misery. I would rather be alone then deal with drama or be another notch in a man’s belt.

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