Bigotry doesn’t make any sense to me
What can I say
Other than I oppose hate
But answering hate with hate is a mistake
What can I say
What can I do
People get killed when
They protest peaceful
Let’s not forget
Heather Heyer bloodshed is not worth it
This wicked world needs more love
I follow my Heavenly Father
So with hate I do not bother
I pray
I refuse to add to the hate
Charlottesville Virginia
Boycotting the NFL
Not standing for the Star Spangled Banner
Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers,
KKK, skinheads and secret racists
All work together
At keeping the division going
Every last one of the people
In the groups I just named
Think that they are doing
What is right
If more people would search
For ways to minus the hate
Instead of reasons to keep it going
The world would be a better place
By understanding one another’s pain
By healing one another
By respecting one another
Sure let’s stand against racism
By standing with our
Brothers and sisters of all colors
Let’s band together like a rainbow
A single race can’t do it alone
Unity gets things done
So let’s love and live as one
One love
One race
The Human Race

3 thoughts on “The Human Race

  1. I always remember a story of a reporter from the North who went down South. He’d heard people in Dixie were lazy and he was looking for photographic proof to back up his belief. So he’s walking through this one little town, and right smack in a front yard is a man who proved his point.

    The man was sitting in the middle of a garden, in a rocking hair with a hoe. He was weeding the garden while sitting in the rocking chair.

    He said he thought, “Here it is. The proof I need that all southerners are lazy.” he raised his camera to take the shot, and through the viewer, saw something he’d hadn’t noticed right away.

    The man had no legs.

    He said from that second, the man went from a symbol of laziness to a hero of epic proportions.

    He left the South knowing he was wrong, and seriously had to examine a lot of things he’d taken as Truth” and realized it was nothing more than someone else’s opinion.

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