Yes! Yes! Yes! Y’all!!! Interracial relationships and marriages are on the rise! Indeed love has no color! People are now widening their options which is a awesome thing. A recent studies shows a huge increase between black and white people since the 1980’s. What’s up with the change? Love is a wonderful thing truly. The internet is definitely making the world smaller and it helps people to broaden their horizons. There has been so many myths and bias pertaining to people of other races the internet shows different. People are using their voices and telling their own stories. Yaaaaaaay to interracial love!! Check out the top states for interracial marriages this may surprise you:


The state of Hawaii is number one Aloha Ha Ha Ha !!! Hey now!! People all over the world (everybody) join hands start a love train love train!! I’m so excited can’t you tell it’s absolutely refreshing to see something positive pertaining to love. It seems like everyday when you turn on the news a disaster comes jumping out of the screen and we all know that’s there’s more to life than negativity. God wants us to enjoy life and love is one of the most beautiful things that He created. I love love seeing people in love! Join the love train what do you have to lose in my Donald Trump voice!


9 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

  1. I don’t celebrate interracial love for the fact that there are thousands if not millions of beautiful women we are over look over simply for the fact that black men feel that White is better and that being with a white women puts them in a better social status. I hear many sisters say how they feel hurt and portrayed by black men because they don’t want black women anymore. I gave up many years ago looking for my Nubian Prince because they are too busy chasingg after white women.

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    • Good Afternoon Sis! I respect your opinion Sis. For me I feel that people have more options and that includes black women. I have experienced a great relationship with a white man. I’ve seen many black women in successful marriages with men of different races.


      • are you and these sisters in relationships with white men because of having another option or because you and these other sisters feel that having a relationship with a white man is better than having one with a black man?

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      • Great question Sis. I’m going to say that there’s somebody for everybody and sometimes they don’t come in the way that we think. I believe that love has no color. I have two sons with my ex husband who is black. I won’t trash him because I picked him. I also believe that there are good men in every race including black.

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      • I am currently married to a white man. He was the first white guy I had ever dated and at the time I was just “dating around” as I was 6 months out of a long-term relationship gone bad. I was much like you, opposed to most interracial dating, mostly because people has such strong opinions about dating black women (loud, ignorant, ghetto…). Or, like you said, they felt that dating outside of their race was a step up. However, my husband is truly my soulmate. Had I not opened my mind for a moment, I could easily have missed out on my blessing. We’ve been married 10 years with two gorgeous children. Just thoughts from me. No judgement. I can certainly see both sides of the coin although I, of course, am biased!

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