My My My Time has flown by. September 6th will make it six months since I have started my blog. I am pretty proud of everything that I have accomplished and there will be more much more. So far I stuck by what I have planned to do I’ve shared my love for Christ, my love for my sons, poetry, music, the Dallas Cowboys, made podcasts the list just goes on. I enjoy writing and I enjoy the freedom of expressing myself. I don’t know about anyone else but when I can’t express myself freely I feel like I’m suffocating. I have always been a strong supporter of people loving others according to God’s will of course. Interracial dating to me is a beautiful thing and I truly believe that God has someone special for us all. As I have shared I have always been attracted to white men for longs as I can remember. Growing up I was taught that that one person isn’t for everyone but that there is somebody for everybody. My mother only concerns was for me to be happy. She didn’t want to see me get hurt. A person can get hurt regardless of the color of their skin. While I always say that love has no color I simply cannot deny my attraction to white men. Recently I’ve become bold about how I feel and I am not alone. There are many black women who are dating and marrying outside of their race. Time are changing and people are loving whomever they choose to. Anyway in the future I do plan on staying on course as well as discussing a lot more things. Here’s to six more months!!! Woot to the Woot! Woot Woot!!

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