Jesus I Love You

I love to laugh, joke, write, and watch football to name a few still I love Christ the must! I love music sweet, sweet music especially worship music!!! I love to praise God. It is absolutely the best feeling in the world to lift your hands up high and wide with tears in your eyes. I was blessed to come across a song by Highland Worship called Here I Surrender. I love the lyrics in that song it just touches my soul unlike any other song. The lyrics go:

High and Holy King  

                                  You had it all and you left everything. You walked the Earth beneath to make a way for me. Humbled to a cross You suffered death and paid the highest cost. You died so I could live. You washed away my sin. Now I can see You. Now I can know You. Now my heart has a song to sing. Jesus I love You. Oh, How I love You. You have my heart. My everything.

 Beautiful lyrics they go so wonderful over the melody and vocals everything just flowed. I kept singing it over and over. If you can please check out this song you will love it.


Be True

Be you

Be true

Be who God made you to be

Because that is what you

Are called to do

Be original

Not a copy

When you are not

You will be exposed

And everyone will know

Being fake always show

If you have to change who you are

For someone let them go

When it comes to being you

Don’t be practical

Making any adjustments

Makes you less than who you are

And that’s factual

Fake people make me sick

Not trying to sneak diss

Besides my Christian

Heart won’t allow it

So I won’t put people

On blast

I’ll pass on that

Because being fake

Won’t last

Just wanted to address it

What people have to understand is

That we must impress God

No man

Not being true

Does everyone a disservice

Outsiders aren’t fooled

So the jokes on you

Be you

And the right people

Will flock to you

Real people have the mindset

To be true

We don’t follow the trend

We set it

Which is brilliant

Real people are winning

Feeling like a million

We don’t change like a chameleon

Jammin to Queen

We are the champions

My friend

And we’ll keep being

Real til the end


Bandwagon Fans

We see it all the time

I be weak

Like weren’t you rooting

For another team

Just last week

Fake football fans

They can be both women and men

I don’t know why they do it

Why don’t they try getting

Into another sport

Like swimming

There is not much to

Keep up with

You just to watch them swim

From one end to another

Bandwagon fans make me

Get annoyed Oh Brother

I just can’t

It’s so whack

They have very little knowledge

Of the game

They just can’t keep track

Barely knowing who is

The starting running back

Or even the quarterback

I just love making things harder

Asking them the names

Of the active players

Of the 2016 Roster

That will reveal the impostors

The ultimate problem solver


School Experiment

I had to conduct a experiment for class. I had to take two IATs (Implicit Association Test) they are various ones a Race IAT, Straight/Gay IAT, Thin/Fat and Gender Career- Family IAT. I took all four of tests because I was curious about what the results would be. To be honest I was very skeptical until I saw the results. The Race IAT was whether a person preferred white people over black people. Look at what my results were


It got me to thinking if I were white most people would think that I was racist. I guess from my results people would think that I am a sell out or something. I think it should that I love all people regardless of their color. Praying that the world loves people despite their color of their skin. I just felt the tests were pretty cool. I told a lot of my friends and family about the test it’s quite interesting. I love learning something new everyday otherwise what’s the point. I once heard a saying a by Charlie Chaplin it goes a day without laughter is a day wasted. Well I fill a day without learning anything is a day wasted. After all a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Thanking God for giving me a heart and mind like mine. God is an awesome God.


It’s Officially Here

I have been waiting on this for months the return of football. It’s here the word excited is too weak of a word to describe what I am feeling multiple words are needed bring on the thesaurus please!!!! The Dallas Cowboys are my team last year 4-12 season was tough as well as the injuries of key players Romo and Dez especially. I’m a diehard so I really ride for my team!!! No matter the record I have my team’s back if they never won a game it would not matter and I still would talk trash about other teams too. Dallas rules plain and simple.


There are many women who love football the way that I do. I also have respect for the ones who don’t like football at least they are honest. Football isn’t for everyone it takes special people who understand the game to be able to enjoy it. It’s all about inches in the game of football. I can’t to see what Dallas has to bring this year. No matter what Dallas does it will be great and lots of eyes will be watching.


A Christian’s Walk

I’d like to compare things as way for people to understand what I mean. A person who considers themselves to be a  seasoned Christian should not have bland ways. Our Christian walk should have a kick to it because we have graduated from certain things. A Christian should have learned from things from their past and therefore should no longer be doing them. I mean after all isn’t the whole reason a person becomes a Christian is to change from the old person that they once were? Yes no one is perfect but we should have mastered not to be doing certain things like gossiping, putting down others, having children out of wedlock, cursing, not wanting the for others, negative thoughts and actions etc. Let me say this my intentions are to never put people down but when a person says they are a Christian one should not be a reflection of what the world is doing. This is the reason why some people don’t take Christianity seriously because some of the people who calls themselves Christians don’t either. There comes a time when we change and don’t use the fact that we are humans as an excuse or being saved by God’s Grace. I mean for goodness sakes it’s time to own the wrong that we do that’s the only way that we can truly change. We have to give everything to God all of our faults I know that change won’t always happen overnight. I do believe that God can change anyone if we allow Him to and if that is what we truly want.

Every time we as Christians cross the path of another person we want to do our best at showing them that there are good people in the world. It’s not very hard to do all we have to do is ask God for help He will guide us. This is a crucial time right now the world is becoming quite a hard place to in live. I just want to be a bright light anywhere that I can it’s needed. I want my walk to taste spicy because I am on fire for God not bland like hospital food. Hospital food taste can never be adjusted and no one who eats it enjoys it. Much like how God doesn’t like lukewarm people He does not like it. Besides I never want to be the reason why a person turns away from Christ. Yes I agree people should have their eyes focused on Christ and not us. Still we know that when we say that we are Christians people will be watching that’s automatic it comes with the territory. It is what it is. I want to be pleasing to God it’s all that I want to do. I want to hear well done you can come on in!!!! What a blessing and honor that will be!!! It’s about walking the walk and talking the talk not crying about it just do it like Nike!!

Revelation 3:16

So then because thou art lukewarm, neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.


Psychology has gotten me to do a lot of thinking but it can’t replace God’s Word. Every chance that I get whether it’s in my personal assignment or a group discussion I interject Christ into whenever an opportunity presents itself. Let’s face it there has never has been a more critical time for Christians as much as now. Therefore it’s imperative for Christians to let their voices be heard. There are so many misconceptions about Christianity it’s very disappointing. Most Christians are doing what it takes to show that we want to do things according to God’s will. Christians who take their faith seriously are considered to be Bible Thumpers or radicals which is far from the truth. God is love. I don’t use Christianity as a way to feel superior or to put others down. It’s a daily mission of mine to make someone’s day with God’s help of course.

Anyway back on topic one of this week’s question was if there was ever a time when people made the wrong assumption about your motivations. I could go on and on about this situation. Yes the world is filled with lots of people who have harmed people or people who do things with strings attached. The world also has people in it who are kind and do things from the heart with no intention of wanting something in return. What helps me to stay positive and keep being kind is knowing that there are good people in the world I’m one of them. I am not the only person in the world who wants to spread positivity in the world. I have to admit that Christ has a lot to do with the reason why I am so kind, supportive, caring etc. Amazing things happens when a person allows Christ to lead them completely. He changes a person from the inside it’s a wonderful feeling. At times it has got frustrating when I do things from the heart and people want to believe that there has to be a reason why I do things. Sometimes I just want to ask people what can you do for me that God can’t give me? It’s like some people need a big slice of humble pie. I mean really. No matter what I wouldn’t allow negative people to change my heart it’s apart of who I am. In a world like this it can indeed be a challenge to continue to be who I am and do what I do. It really does not matter God is my protector and I will continue to beautify the world with love.

Trading Places

This week’s class assignment got my brain to hatch an idea. My assignment was to write a paper about collectivist and individualist parents how they differ and what would it be like if they were to switch children. Would their parenting skills influence them enough to make changes? So it got me to thinking and evaluating my lifestyle as a Christian. If I were to swap my life with a person who doesn’t know Christ would my Christian lifestyle change them. I know that I would not want to live their lifestyle I have been there before. It definitely should make one think. God wants everyone’s soul to be saved. He doesn’t want not one of us to perish. We have all heard the saying that we maybe the only Bible that a person reads and it may cause some pressure for some people. If we’re living according to God’s will one should not mind others watching them as an inspiration not as an idol. Now I feel that people shouldn’t focus only on me or any other Christians but the one who we look to which is Christ. All Christians want to be pleasing to Him.

If a person were to swap lives with me I liked to hope and pray that it would inspire them to turn to Christ. There are many testimonies that I have and that alone should be a huge inspiration. My mother grew up in Christian home her church was right next door. She was very active in her church things like being in the choir and writing church bulletins. When she became an adult she kept being a Christian and passed on her  parenting to skills to her children. I am doing the same things prayers day and night most importantly teaching my sons to have a strong relationship with God. One important thing that I have learned that having a relationship with God must be all of the time. The devil doesn’t take time off to attack us. It isn’t about the devil anyway it’s about God’s love for us that in itself should make the hardest heart soften for Him.

John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.