Just the other day

I saw someone

Who looked like you

I looked twice too

Even though I knew

It couldn’t be true

If we could only go back

To the good ole days

When we both had

Big dreams

You and me

We could have have done anything

We could have been something great

Who knew that one mistake

Would control our fate

You wanted to succeed

By any means

Even on the streets

Day in and day out

At you I would fuss

I told you that the

Street life was dangerous

You had no faith in my words

You had no trust

Now look

I have to ask

Why us

Why us

What about our kids

How do I explain this

The pain that I feel

Is tremendous

This situation is big

How do I forgive

What a way to live

God knows I once loved you

This is true

I don’t know

Which is worse

You six feet under

Or you being sentenced

To twenty-five years in prison

Either way there is distance

Between us

What a life lesson

What a way to learn

The hard way

Everyday I think

Of that 2006 bust

And sitting here thinking

Why us

Why us

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