I had to conduct a experiment for class. I had to take two IATs (Implicit Association Test) they are various ones a Race IAT, Straight/Gay IAT, Thin/Fat and Gender Career- Family IAT. I took all four of tests because I was curious about what the results would be. To be honest I was very skeptical until I saw the results. The Race IAT was whether a person preferred white people over black people. Look at what my results were


It got me to thinking if I were white most people would think that I was racist. I guess from my results people would think that I am a sell out or something. I think it should that I love all people regardless of their color. Praying that the world loves people despite their color of their skin. I just felt the tests were pretty cool. I told a lot of my friends and family about the test it’s quite interesting. I love learning something new everyday otherwise what’s the point. I once heard a saying a by Charlie Chaplin it goes a day without laughter is a day wasted. Well I fill a day without learning anything is a day wasted. After all a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Thanking God for giving me a heart and mind like mine. God is an awesome God.


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