I’d like to compare things as way for people to understand what I mean. A person who considers themselves to be a  seasoned Christian should not have bland ways. Our Christian walk should have a kick to it because we have graduated from certain things. A Christian should have learned from things from their past and therefore should no longer be doing them. I mean after all isn’t the whole reason a person becomes a Christian is to change from the old person that they once were? Yes no one is perfect but we should have mastered not to be doing certain things like gossiping, putting down others, having children out of wedlock, cursing, not wanting the for others, negative thoughts and actions etc. Let me say this my intentions are to never put people down but when a person says they are a Christian one should not be a reflection of what the world is doing. This is the reason why some people don’t take Christianity seriously because some of the people who calls themselves Christians don’t either. There comes a time when we change and don’t use the fact that we are humans as an excuse or being saved by God’s Grace. I mean for goodness sakes it’s time to own the wrong that we do that’s the only way that we can truly change. We have to give everything to God all of our faults I know that change won’t always happen overnight. I do believe that God can change anyone if we allow Him to and if that is what we truly want.

Every time we as Christians cross the path of another person we want to do our best at showing them that there are good people in the world. It’s not very hard to do all we have to do is ask God for help He will guide us. This is a crucial time right now the world is becoming quite a hard place to in live. I just want to be a bright light anywhere that I can it’s needed. I want my walk to taste spicy because I am on fire for God not bland like hospital food. Hospital food taste can never be adjusted and no one who eats it enjoys it. Much like how God doesn’t like lukewarm people He does not like it. Besides I never want to be the reason why a person turns away from Christ. Yes I agree people should have their eyes focused on Christ and not us. Still we know that when we say that we are Christians people will be watching that’s automatic it comes with the territory. It is what it is. I want to be pleasing to God it’s all that I want to do. I want to hear well done you can come on in!!!! What a blessing and honor that will be!!! It’s about walking the walk and talking the talk not crying about it just do it like Nike!!

Revelation 3:16

So then because thou art lukewarm, neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

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