Psychology has gotten me to do a lot of thinking but it can’t replace God’s Word. Every chance that I get whether it’s in my personal assignment or a group discussion I interject Christ into whenever an opportunity presents itself. Let’s face it there has never has been a more critical time for Christians as much as now. Therefore it’s imperative for Christians to let their voices be heard. There are so many misconceptions about Christianity it’s very disappointing. Most Christians are doing what it takes to show that we want to do things according to God’s will. Christians who take their faith seriously are considered to be Bible Thumpers or radicals which is far from the truth. God is love. I don’t use Christianity as a way to feel superior or to put others down. It’s a daily mission of mine to make someone’s day with God’s help of course.

Anyway back on topic one of this week’s question was if there was ever a time when people made the wrong assumption about your motivations. I could go on and on about this situation. Yes the world is filled with lots of people who have harmed people or people who do things with strings attached. The world also has people in it who are kind and do things from the heart with no intention of wanting something in return. What helps me to stay positive and keep being kind is knowing that there are good people in the world I’m one of them. I am not the only person in the world who wants to spread positivity in the world. I have to admit that Christ has a lot to do with the reason why I am so kind, supportive, caring etc. Amazing things happens when a person allows Christ to lead them completely. He changes a person from the inside it’s a wonderful feeling. At times it has got frustrating when I do things from the heart and people want to believe that there has to be a reason why I do things. Sometimes I just want to ask people what can you do for me that God can’t give me? It’s like some people need a big slice of humble pie. I mean really. No matter what I wouldn’t allow negative people to change my heart it’s apart of who I am. In a world like this it can indeed be a challenge to continue to be who I am and do what I do. It really does not matter God is my protector and I will continue to beautify the world with love.

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