Growing up I always told myself

That I would not be a single parent

Raising kids without help

I always felt

That life belonged to someone else

There’s no lucky charms

It’s time to ring the alarm

What’s going on in the

Black community

Making it seem like being

A single black mom

Is an awesome thing as if

Being a struggling mother is a way

To earn stripes

Being a single parent

Doing it all alone

Is not right

It’s quite pathetic

Some of this black fathers

Don’t even care enough

To co-parent

They like to forget

Or assume that paying

Child support will make up for it

This situation is a huge epidemic

One that no one should mimic

It isn’t a lifestyle

That’s glamorise

Say what you want about me

It won’t change how I feel

A stable upbringing should

Always be within our sight

Some of us are just too

Blind to see

I was once like other people too

Now I look back and think

What did I do

To end up with a baby father

Like you

Like a song on the radio

I listened to your tune

Now I am here looking like a fool

Man I wish that I had the analogy

Of no wedding no wound

Had I had it

It would have giving me more

Time to get to know you

I wished that my old schooled ways

Had of saved me from

What I am going through today

My sons would have been saved

From the typical black

Single parent home

It’s so wrong for my sons

To grow up withdrawn

I wished that only I

Could bare this burden alone

Still this is the life that I chose

My choices I own

Allowing my fleshy goals

To take control

Thankful for allowing Christ

To help me to be reborn

And I have learned to never

Put a deadline

On God’s time

For He has no limits

That sometimes it’s not

Always the things that we planned

That are the best

But in fact it’s the things

That are not planned

Which are the true miracles

Not trying to get all spiritual

But God’s way is the best way

For sure

So I will embrace

What God has on the way

Being a single mom

Isn’t the end

But the beginning

Of what God has

For my family and me

Thank You God All Almighty






16 thoughts on “Single Black Mom

  1. Beautiful. God is the Way! If only young people could see that giving themselves to Him in complete trust will bring them true happiness aside from ‘fleshy’ goals. Save yourselves for the mission God has for you, strengthen yourselves against the temptation to the flesh …

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  2. Because I was raised in a two parent home, I assumed that when the time came for me to get married and have children they too would be raised in a two parent home. I was wrong. I had one son, and after his father left us when he was ten months old, I vowed never to have another child. I keep that promise and now have a wonderful son who is married and raising his three children in a two parent home.

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    • Indeed, being a single parent isn’t a good situation especially for the children. I’m glad that your son is doing awesome that’s fantastic. Thank you for commenting.


  3. A two parent home is a nice dream. I grew up in a broken home. My father didn’t help with the finances at all. He remarried and had more kids and we were forgotten. My mom worked a lot and always kept a roof over our heads and food to eat. We kids learned to care for ourselves and were quite so mom could sleep. One can learn a lot from that type of a household. I’m sorry you have to go through this. I wish you well and hope for wonderful things for you and your boys. Take care. Koko 🙂

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  4. Been there and I discovered something very interesting. I was kind of ill equipped to be a single dad. Managed to do it for three years all the same. My hats off to all single parents everywhere. Tough job. Keep it up and God bless.

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