Tameeka is about to go there. Yes I am about to talk about colorism in the black community. I was watching a video on YouTube and it was about a website called Smoochr. The website is a place that allows people to filter the kind of people that they want. A person get to choose based on skin shade, size of lips, hair type etc. Hmmmmmm definitely not something that I will be checking out. As many know I’m about love and never about division. God made us all different but beautiful we are to embrace our differences not use them as a way to divide. Anyway I know some people may debate with me about who started colorism okay hundreds of years ago some of the white people did it fine and dandy. But who keeps the colorism going? The maker of the Smoochr website is a black man. So instead of pulling people together he’s is causing more separation and insecurities of others.


I am black but my shade is brown. I’m what would be considered to be in between dark-skinned and light-skinned. Growing up I never paid attention to shade but I have witnessed dark-skinned people being bullied based on their color as if growing up wasn’t hard enough. It is still very much present today. I have also heard people of a dark skin talk about being insecure and hating their skin color. It’s just horrible and it needs to end. The only test that a paper bag should have is how much weight it can hold. At the end of the day we all check off the box for black regardless of our shade. I don’t care who slams me we must do better. Let’s lift up one another high. Stop hurting one another and let’s heal one another. I get the past but what are we doing now to move forward in a positive way. It’s the only way that change will happen.


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