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Lives Lines matter.  Where there are clear, solid lines without breaks or dashes to pass through there is division.  Where there is division there is an “other.”  Where there is an “other” there is almost always disparity, misunderstanding and distrust.

Fifteen years ago I naively walked smack dab into a powder keg of racial tension when I moved to a new area of the state for work.   My new employer, it seems, was located on the “black side” of a river that ran between two divided cities. African Americans made up more than 70% of the shop; while the management was predominately white and lived on the other side.  The lines were pretty clear.

This disparity was noticeable and a bit disturbing, but everyone seemed to get along inside the walls of our establishment.  I attribute this to two individuals, the tough no-nonsense African American H.R. Manager “Bert” and…

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