My My My time flies doesn’t it? Where does it go? This week is the last week of the course that I have been taking. The last assignment that I had to turn in is a writing about my reflection of the course. What will I do differently in my next course? What will I continue to do?  It got me to thinking ( which is no surprise) not just about this course but my walk with Christ, my sons, my relationships my past period. It had me feeling perplexed for a split second. My life though not perfect I’m content with my decisions because I have Christ in my life. Like what was I even thinking my life is beyond a book report this isn’t the movie the Breakfast Club. Anyway I trust God with everything always if there’s one that I have learned that’s report worthy I am nothing without God. I will not push Him out of my life He has brought me a long ways for that I am truly thankful. Sometimes I just like to write out how awesome that God is not that I could ever forget.

Recently and this is kinda off topic I lost contact with one of my close friends for some reason they were on my mind heavily. This friend was a Christian too on fire for God when I spoke with them it turned out that they had experienced a huge tragedy and in fact has turned away from God. What a bummer. I mean really everything that happens in our lives is not God’s fault all the time. It is sometimes the devil or our poor choices that put us into certain situations.

Having a strong relationship with God helps with understanding many things I may hurt but I won’t allow anything to cause me to fall away from Christ. When I think back on the many times that God has helped me there is just no way that I can turn away from Him. Some of the worst times that occurred was when my relationship with Christ wasn’t as strong. What I have learned is that the devil attacks us at our weakest time. But with God He keeps us strong all we have to do is trust Him. He speaks to us, comforts us, loves us and guides us all we have to do is let Him.


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