Normally I don’t write a lot of posts on celebrities but every once in awhile I do when there’s an awesome story. In case some of you don’t know NFL Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and R & B singer Ciara tied the knot almost three days ago. I know what you are thinking okay Tameeka what’s the point of this. Well I’ll tell you their love story is rather fascinating. Russell Wilson is a Christian. They both made the decision Not to have sex until they got married. They were engaged for quite a while and that says a whole lot about Russell’s Christian walk imagine all the people that they have inspired including me.

Ciara hasn’t had good relationships in the past she has a child with rapper Future and he has bad mouth about her the whole time that they have been split up. Word to the wise any ex who spends too much time talking about their ex whether it’s good or bad are not over them. Otherwise why waste all the time and energy talking about a person who they have entirely no dealing with think about it. Anyways back on track Future talked so bad about Ciara to whomever would listen on Twitter and on radio shows to name a few. She must be on his mind a lot and I bet even more now that she’s married. I’m sure the things that he said hurt her. He only did that in hopes of ruining her happiness. God rewarded her for not going down to his level. Besides she has Russell he showed her what a real man is. Why ruin your blessing acting ugly? It’s just not worth it.

What we need to take from this story is that God is in control no human has control over your happiness in your life. We have to trust him always. We must never allow a person to think that they can speak existence into our lives because guess what they can’t. God has a blessing with our names on it. The best is yet to come. Believe that. Ciara has her king they got married in London in a castle which was great considering all the frogs that she had to kiss in order to have her king. Kiss the frogs but don’t have sex with the frogs. You don’t want warts. People carry spirits it’s important not to come in contact or entertain the wrong ones. LMBO!!!

Anyway God has us to do or go through certain things for a reason. Having sex before marriage ruins things no one wants to end up being just another notch in a person’s belt. Many people laughed when Russell and Ciara chose to wait to have sex but look at them now. There is no doubt in my mind that Russell will be a great husband look how he has demonstrated his leadership Yeap he’s definitely King worthy. I’m so very happy for them. May they enjoy many blissful years together with God as their foundation I am sure that they will!



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