Relationships are hard add long distance to the situation and it becomes harder. I’m a very optimistic person did Ruth not meet her Boaz? What is meant will be when God is apart of it anyway. I so believe that God has the right person for everyone. It’s just knowing when the person is right. How will you know if a person that cross your path is just destined to be just a friend?  A mean the love of your life should be your best friend. Questions, questions and more questions love though beautiful can be like a giant maze that sometimes leads to nowhere. Yesterday a person said that long distance relationships never works the person further went on to say that someone always become lonely and messes things up. Well I’m not sure that it’s loneliness but more like selfishness why get involved with a person if you can’t stand the distance? I mean if you truly love the person who is away then what can someone else close by  do that person isn’t the person that you miss or love. It just doesn’t make sense.Yeap when a person allows loneliness to take over they are being selfish. True love can withstand anything with God as the foundation people in the military do it all of the time. 

I wonder whether people are Christians or not would make a difference when it comes to long distance relationships? When I looked back on the relationships that I had which were very few none of the men were originally from where I was from whether it was a different city or state. It just goes to show that what God has meant to be will be still we have to want to put in the effort. A part of maturity is being able to look back on past relationships and realize what you need and value it once you are blessed to have it. Look when God is involved He makes things happen and as funny as it may sound sometimes it’s not always easy. Every great love has a great love story. I have never heard a boring love story there is always something that’s remarkable about it that makes them special. When I think of love long distance or close by it’s a heart thing. Someone who’s miles away can make you feel more special than a person who could be sitting right next to you. Perhaps the legendary group Whodini said it best one love one love you’re lucky just to have one love. My favorite part of the song one love goes “baby, one of these days, you’ll have to learn That love is something, that you gotta earn. And once you earn it, you gotta know how to keep it You got to want it, as well as you need it”To have lost love, was a hurtin’ lesson. But to have had love is a definite blessing. Hmmmmmm definitely valuable words right to this very day. If someone had of told me that I would be using lyrics from a song in my writing I would have been like Yeah right! Anyway you can’t tell me that everything doesn’t serve a purpose even if it’s just to inspire. Praying that everyone is blessed to have love it’s one of God’s greatest creations. Once you’re blessed to have love do what it takes to keep it. God didn’t make multiple people for one person just one value who you have.

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