After all the years of hurting and tears I have found one of my callings. It’s to help to heal people’s hearts and marriages with God’s help of course. I have been hurt deeply but God has healed me too. I want to help couples to enjoy their marriages.

In order for a marriage to be successful a husband and wife must understand their roles, do their roles and respect them. A marriage has to have God in it to help with everything. Communication is a huge key it’s important to talk to God and your spouse. A couple has to be willing to let God in allow God to be the glue that holds them together. Don’t throw in the towel when angry and go to God always.

Life can get busy but if it gets so busy that there’s no time for God or your spouse then it’s time to slow down. Marriage can not work by itself or with only one spouse but together. Never push your spouse away or make them feel less than a person. Forgiveness is a great thing to do and have but don’t abuse it. Say that you are sorry and show that you mean it with positive actions. If a situation happens and you choose to forgive then do that. Don’t keep throwing up the past because the marriage will not and can not move forward on a positive note. A happy marriage has a happy family children deserve a happy home. A couple daily should always remember why they got married and what makes their spouse special to them. It’s important for a spouse to be valued, not taken for granted or made to feel like a habit.

Remember you’ve been blessed with a person who you want to spend the rest of your life with and they want the same. It’s very important to have a realistic concept of marriage a lifetime spend is of many hours, days, months and years like the weather it wouldn’t always be sunny. There will be ups and downs but God can turn things around. Just don’t give up and fight for your marriage daily. Don’t allow anything to steal your joy. Enjoy the blessing that God has given and most of all keep Him in it. God is needed everyday, in every way and in everything.

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