Jesse Williams received an humanitarian award from BET. A humanitarian is concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare. As I have posted before I am not into award shows. The only reason why I know about the Jesse Williams speech is because all the attention that it has received both positive and negative. I for one enjoyed the speech the way he gave it was like spoken word. Everyone knows that I enjoy spoken word. 

What I am trying to understand is why are some people upset by it. I watched the ladies on the View stand point on it. I’m sure that Jesse intentions were good when he delivered his speech. I watched a person video and I found it to be hilarious. The person was like he’s a good looking guy with a white mother and a black father as well as married a black woman. I’m like oh my gosh. With people always pointing out the wrong things how can the things that matter get right. It doesn’t matter about his background he cares about people. Also I didn’t like it very much when people slammed Justin Timberlake behind his statement. Sometimes it disappoints because I realize that we as a country have a very long ways to go. It sometimes takes saying things that people don’t want to hear to get things on the right track. 

I have never been a person who doesn’t like to hear what people have to say. Everyone is entitled to they own opinions we can all agree to disagree and leave at that. As I always say nobody knows everything by everyone has something that we can learn from if we are willing to learn. What I enjoy about the View is everyone has their own views on the Jesse Williams speech and they respect one another.


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