I’m pretty sure that I am not the only person who feels this way but we all know that when we have a problem it seems bigger than everyone else’s. Many times I ask Christ for forgiveness about feelings that I feel when certain situations arises. Here’s the thing we as Christians know how hard it is once we decide to come to Christ especially when we tell our family and friends. One thing that I always say is a person can want to lose weight, lower their cholesterol, and or blood pressure those things will get a round of applause but if a person says that they want to live for Christ it’s questioned. People want to bring up your past or want to feel like you really aren’t real about it.  Growing up all the way up until now I have had my guard up. I always worry about a person betraying me because they can’t accept who I am. So they will attempt to get close to see what they can find out. Is Tameeka really a Christian? What sins are Tameeka struggling with? Is Tameeka really as friendly as she seems? The most disturbing part is betrayal never comes from strangers. Enemies most times are family we aren’t speaking to or former friends. They know the most that is why betrayal hurts the most.

Recently I was betrayed by a person whom I thought was a great person sadly I found out otherwise. It hurt me to the core. What I am about to say may seem crazy but I am glad that the experience happened. For two reasons it helped me to become stronger and it helped me to have faith in good people. A good person came forward and told me about what this person did so that showed me that they are good person who stand for what’s right. I noticed that  I wasn’t hearing from people like I normally did. I thought that they were just busy it turned out that it was because of this person.At the time I was overflowing with emotions and questions. Like why did this person do this to me. What did I do for them to betray me the way that they did? What exactly did this person say? Why did these people believe this person? I felt so anger because I was so loyal and this person rewarded me by betraying me. Now understand this person turned people whom I have known for years against me. I have no idea what was said but I do know that this person is responsible for people not talking to me. This person’s betray felt like a crime of passion with all the backstabbing that they did. They are angry with me for some reason not sure as to why but I do know that God is a excellent defense attorney and will deal with this person. Still I never get angry with the person who lies on me must times I know why but I don’t understand why people choose to believe the lies even though the have witnessed differently. Look for me I always question when a person says something negative about someone there is always something behind it trust me. A messenger always has a motive that’s why it’s best to keep your eyes and ears open. What a person says about someone else actually says a lot about them. 

Majority of the time the lessons learned doesn’t feel great at the time but the purpose of it in the end does. Jesus Christ was betrayed and I can’t hold a candle to him. I do asked God to continue to protect me but to help me to  not shut out the wrong people. We are not meant to be alone Jesus wasn’t. Every person that cross our paths is for a reason we just have to wait and find out why. Also every move that we make has a purpose as well God many times allows us to witness situations to test us about what will we do. I’m thankful for the person who informed me of the situation even though it hurts I’m glad that I found out the truth.

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