In order for things to be successful

Between me and you

There are essential things

That I need to do

I am going to be your

Prayer warrior, a leaning shoulder,

A confidant and a Proverbs woman

Because I want to be your

Best friend under God of course

All I want to be is

A ray of positivity

That shines like sunshine brightly

In your morning

When you first open your eyes

I want to be motivation

In your afternoon

That gives you a boost

So you can reach the end

Of the day with peace smoothly

I want to be the highlight

Of your night

So when you close your eyes

To sleep you will

Dream sweet dreams of me

When the next day come

We’ll start it right over again

I want to do this daily

Be everything

That you want and need

I’m going out on a limb

And be a little cocky

Because ain’t nobody like me

That’s why I do these things

With easy

I aim to please

My king

You are the right man

This I believe constantly

That’s why I show

You so much love

That it overflows

I love you truly

And I am not letting you go

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