Cuss words is a part of a language that I care Not to understand. I’m not trying to seem like a goody to shoes, snotty or stuck up etc. etc. I just have no use for colorful words. Like for what? The moment a person starts to cuss they lose me.

As I have shared my youngest has autism. When he was younger he would copy off of everything that a person did and said with him it took forever to break him out of doing something. This past May he turned 13 he is better now at what to do and what not. Seven years ago when he was in first grade I attended a teacher’s conference with his teacher at the time. The conference was going well until the end his teacher goes do you know what your son did a couple of weeks ago? I was like no. She goes he was in front of his computer and when he got frustrated he went what the …….!!! You can imagine the way that I felt like lower than the first grader’s chair that I sat in. The funny thing is he didn’t learn it from me but from a family member. Still I promise myself that I would not be embarrassed again anyone who used colorful language I didn’t want around me or my children.

Colorful language, cuss words and sentence enhancers don’t do anything but leave a bad taste in your mouth. You guys can keep them I have no need for them. And no using them does Not make you feel better try not using them. I know that I do not use them and I have been feeling better every since.

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