I could be wrong but I don’t think so. I feel that there is a lesson in every step that we make in our lives. As I have shared I have started back to college this is my third week. The first week was a little rough because my application and everything else was approved the same day that I started. The second week I made a plan on how to minimize distractions and making a schedule of when to work on my school work. Let me tell you when you plan on doing something it seems like everything under the sun comes at you it’s like a defensive line coming at a quarterback to strip the football. It requires being focused and moving around in the pocket to get things done like Tony Romo. This week which is the third week I had my mind made up that I was going to complete one of my assignment last night. Now I had three days to do the first one but I waited until the third day like four hours prior to it being do. I know. I know. Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad me! Anyway my assignment was to read a speech called Ain’t I a Woman? and then watch the interpretation of the speech by Ms Cicely Tyson I basically had to explain which did I enjoy more than the other and why. I also had to explain how important is it to have a visual of something. For me I don’t really need a picture to understand what a writer is trying to say. I’m old schooled so I rely quite a bit on my very own imagination it’s good to keep my brain juices flowing it gets great exercise creating something on it’s own. In a world that takes pictures of everything every five seconds it helps to have a brain like mine. Take music for instance if it’s by a great artist it can make you picture and feel what the artist is feeling make one create even a mini movie in the mind. Anyway I had everything perfect my ideas, grammar, spelling, etc etc I think that I may have kissed the paper. I typed everything in perfectly went to send it and it would Not send with a half and hour to send it in!!!! Oh my goodness it took me five minutes to get into contact with technical support and ten minutes to work on the problem. Whew!!! Lesson learned I will not wait too long ever again.

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