See the way that our love is setup

Cinderella and Sleepy Beauty

Have nothing on us

They desire our happily ever after

A new beginning of a new chapter

You got me to become brave

And turn the page on all

Of my past hurt and pains

You helped me to rearrange

My mindset about love now a days

I do everything that I can

To describe the way

That I feel about you

Once in awhile I get stomped

On what can I exactly say

The words I love you

Though powerful

At times seem so minuscule

So insufficient

So inadequate

How can I possibly

Show you my adoration

I love you truly

Please do not take my words lightly

I’ve waited what felt like

A lifetime

For God to send you to me

This isn’t make believe

Or fantasy

It’s reality

Therefore I value you

And would never entertain

The thoughts of letting you go

I want you to know

In my eyes your worth

It’s more than

Trillions or zillions

I would never throw

Something away that is priceless

This I truly mean

Together we are two hearts

Locked together in love

You are my one and only love

My one and only someone

I know all of this now

More than ever before

There have never been anyone

Else whom I adore


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