Yes I am black and I believe in love. I do believe that black love does exist. I just don’t believe that black love is for me. What I say may come off as unacceptable but I really don’t care it’s my life. We are all different definitely still everything is not the same for everyone. It kind of annoys me when I hear and see people who have the mindset that just because I am black that my mate must match my color. No one has the right to tell me who I can love except for God what He says goes all the time there are no ifs, ands or buts. I will never stop talking or writing about this subject. Why is it harder for a white man and black woman being together so hard to accept? I just don’t get it and please don’t bring up slavery.

How can something that’s so pure cause so much ugliness? Love is beautiful and it causes beautiful things to happen. I don’t ever want to be involved with a person where I feel that I cannot be who I am fully out of fear of how I will be received. I have sisters and they are all for black love that’s a great thing for them. I pray for the best for them and everyone whose experiencing black love.Even though I am attracted to white men I don’t put black men down but I don’t like how they treat black women either. Pointing fingers is something that I don’t not do the blame game doesn’t go over well with me. I’ve  simply come to terms that I love who I love and that’s good enough for me. So don’t expect me to shut about it anytime soon.



2 thoughts on “Black Love Is Not For Me

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