With every

Tear that you cry

There’s a reason

With every

Question there’s

There’s an answer

For every rough morning

For every sleepless night

For every painful experience

For every disappointment

God has a plan

To make things right

So hold on tight

And fight

All of your troubles

Will soon disappear

The purpose will be clear

You will see that

Everything was worth it

God has the best destined

Since your birth

Don’t allow worry

To trouble you

Turn it loose and put up your dukes


You have to fight

Hold on change for

The good is coming

Everything has an expiration date

And that includes bad things

Know that you are not alone

God sits high and looks low

Please know that He’s

Always on His throne

Everything and every person

Who has ever hurt you

God will send

Someone and something new

For every rainy day

There are sunny days

Plus a rainbow

So hold on

With all of your might

Your blessings will soon

Be in within your sight

Know that you deserve

What God has in store

But you have to fight

Don’t give in to sadness

Or stress

Get ready to be blessed

Don’t give up


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