Femininity- the quality of being female; womanliness

The other day I watched a video of Christelyn on black women and femininity after watching it I went to the mirror looked for a very long time. So many thoughts came over me like a huge typhoon. Am I ladylike with my background it’s a question that begs for an answer. My sister that’s second to me always behaved kind of tomboyish, she and I spoke on the phone pertaining to the subject. Yes talking on the phone with me can get so deep. Anyway she was telling me that regardless in her opinion she’s a woman that’s tough like a man who can be a lady.Hmmmmmm. Indeed it requires a woman to be tough especially being a single mother of boys. Like how does one balance the two?

I love my wigs, dresses, nail polish, earrings and toe rings to name a few. I feel like a woman of course femininity goes a lot deeper it’s attitude and it’s softness. It’s impossible to be soft when your life requires you to be the opposite. I am a single parent of two boys maybe I should get me some tea cups and have a tea party!! LMBO!! I love my sister’s attitude when I spoke to her I mean it’s a great outlook for her life her modo is she’s a woman that acts tomboyish at times it’s who she is and she’s fine with it. For me I want that softness and I do I just can’t be that way all the time. Perhaps I will find a way to be more dainty but I don’t want my sons copying me. My sons are boys definitely and they are teens therefore they know better. So yeah I’ll spend more time being softer. I know that I am a woman but I love being a lady. A black intelligent lady and I am very proud of who I am.

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