Something electrifying

Takes place between us two

Absolutely explosive

Simply massive

And I love it

When the words

Power couple or team us

Is spoken

Finances becomes the mindset

It just doesn’t make sense

When in fact a Rotex

Can not touch something

That’s priceless

Of a love that’s truly meant

It’ s far more valuable than the

Richest couple’s financial status

Nothing can compare to what we have

Yeah I brag I can’t help it

I am who I am

You are who you are

There’s only one of you

There’s only one of me

Even though we are different

We have much in common

What a wonderful connection

Praying to God that what we have

Remains I do this every single night

Always thinking of ways to stay

Empowered and keeping things in sight

I’m going to fight

With all of my might

For us to always unite

Everything has to stay right

After all not just any two people

Can come together and make dynamite

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