Really??? Some people’s mentality went out in the stoned ages, Yabba Dabba Doo. Allow me to explain it’s one thing to be old fashioned with morals and another to be the cause of negativity. Especially when it comes to interracial relationships being prejudice and racist needs to go. I am so over it. As long as it’s within God’s will people should love who God has for them. God knows what is best and He has the best for us all that is including the person who is meant for us.

Everyday I am always hearing new stories of the problems that interracial couples encounter. It’s so sad. A couple must surround themselves with people who support their happiness. Couples should be experiencing love to the fullest but have to have the headache of dealing with hate.

Take a look around us just look at all the things that God has created. Things are different colors and wonders  He didn’t create things the same colors. Tulips, roses of every colors they don’t blossom separate but together.

Christelyn the awesome lady that I follow on YouTube catch flack simply because she promotes love. In the year of 2016 the negative views towards dating outside of one’s race is way outdated. It’s a shame as soon as she uploads a video the trolls come from underneath of their bridges. It’s aggravating why can’t people just be happy for others? Miserable people need to take a chill pill  for real that’s all it boils down to people are miserable and have to have company. What I will never be able to understand about miserable people is why can’t they enjoy the company of other miserable people? Why must miserable people try to conform happy people into miserable people? Anyway whatever their is it won’t affect who I choose to love. I’m get my love on and gonna be so very happy regardless of what others think. They can’t and won’t change my mind and nope they really can’t.



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