Ha Ha Ha

I’m about to make some

Of these negative black men puke

You know the ones who rebuke

The positive black men who uplift

Their black sisters and

The white men who love us

Would like to give a big shout out

This one’s for you

And I don’t mean Barry Manilow but

I do want you to take these words

With you wherever you go

You are appreciated

Just want you guys to know

What you are doing is in not in vain

When the smoke clears

Your positive actions will remain

Black women have been hurt

But who hasn’t

These things were beyond our control

Still we don’t allow it to

Take a toll

Black women have been spat on

Tongue slashed

With negative words and stereotypes

Like a horror movie

Still black women may cry

But it does not take long

For our tears to dry

We might sink a little

But still we rise

Once the pain is gone

There is none left over

We are soldiers

We still stick our hearts

Out and choose to love

We know our children will

Take our lives as an important

Lesson for when they get older

White men who love us keep

In mind that we chose you

Because we wanted to

We were never looked over

By certain black men

We know that everything

Happens for a reason

So we kept on movin

White men who love us

You are our choice

Not another option or backup plan

So have no doubt about

The black women who loves you

You are not pawns in a game

More like kings for us queens

Positive black men understand

We applaud you for being real men

Black women are becoming a whole lot

More wiser so we are more bolder

When it comes to making

The right choices for our lives

We raise our heads up high

And never hunch our shoulders

We are owners of excellent posture

We recognize who is

The true controller of our lives

In spite of the lies

We keep complete composure

Our self esteem will not be lowered

Please know positive black men

And the white men who love us

On earth you are the true stockholders

Of our respect

So you guys are the ones

Who we care about

Don’t stop doing the positive

Things that you do

One day it will all pay off

In the meantime just wanted

To commend you

You guys are valuable







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